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21st October 2017


One of my favorite things about New York is a trip to the Bodega. Bodegas carry everything I need, from flowers for a shoot to a quick drink. I frequent my Bodega’s quite often, sometimes as much as 3 times a week and they always makes me feel so classic NYC. Bodegas carry an assortment of items, making them the perfect spot to shop if you want to discover new items to bring variety to your everyday purchases.FullSizeRender-2

Because I’m all about embracing change and new things, thinking about this inspired me to share my hair journey, as well as my go-to look for running errands in the West Village, all inspired by Herbal Essences’ newest bio:renew collections. My look is a floral dress, a big tote to carry everything on my list and yellow booties, because why not!FullSizeRender-7

I like to take a chance with my style and my hair, so I love brands like Herbal Essences that empower others to do the same. As you may have noticed, about this time last year I made a big change to my hair – I started to wear it curly with my natural texture instead of straightening it as I had done for so many years before. It was really tough to switch, I had to learn and try new products and get a new hair routine, but the biggest impact it had was on my self-esteem. It really messed with me, I looked so different in the mirror with curly hair and felt like it affected the way I had to dress, act and do everything else. I had about a month where this change really shook me. Since I only wore my hair curly when I was young, I felt like I looked like a child which upset me … and then I was even more upset that I was letting my hair have this effect on me.FullSizeRender-5FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRender

Now about a year later, I love my curly hair and I’m thankful for the journey this change put me on. In the end, I guess the moral of the story is that change is good, but you won’t be able to always see that right away. I think a lot of people like to think that if you make a big change to your hair it will change everything, and it can! Changing my hair has changed the way I see things and girls represented in the media, it’s changed my morning and nighttime routine, my relationship with my boyfriend, my relationship with myself, my style and even my blog business. Changes can be scary, but most of them are good. Even if you spend a month or so hating the change or never come around to it, you’ll always learn something from it. And hey, if you make a change you’re unhappy with, especially in your hair – remember it’s just hair and it grows back.FullSizeRender-4


DRESS: Exact Match • $550
LOOK FOR LESS DRESSES:  $91  || $20 || $58  || $42 ||$35  ||$68 
BOOTS:  Exact Match • $240 || Look For Less Boot • $70 
TOTE: Similar Tote • $268  || HAT:  Similar Hat • $52 
Coffee & Fruit || Golden Moringa Oil || Cucumber & Green Tea

Thinking of making a change? Check out this cool video from Herbal Essences all about embracing change:FullSizeRender-1


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  1. Vicky Chileshe

    Hi Courtney,I love your sense of style and how you coordinate your colors!You seem to be free spirted also seems like you have a bubbly personality that’s why I followed you .I love the yellow and red combo in this look.I have a blog that’s about four months old and would please like to know what do you use to edit your photos I love how your photos appear so crisp,neat and if perfect size.Your response will highly be appreciated

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