APT TOUR – Living Colorfully in the West Village

30th July 2015

I am so crazy, over the moon excited to share a little look at my new(ish) little West Village living room and home office space that I’ve been working on for what feels like forever, so I really hope you like it!!!!IMG_5029

But before we get started – I wanted to give you fair warning that these photos (and my apartment, okay my life in general) is basically just an montage of Waffles and his many sleeping locations and positions, because let’s face it, it’s really his apartment, not mine… Okay, without further ado – lets get this apartment party started!!!IMG_4870 (1)

Three years ago, Waffles and I moved into a tiny train style apartment in the heart of the West Village and started our New York adventure. Our first place, with small, historic, cluttered and full of charm but we loved it just the same. Earlier this year, we said goodbye to my first New York apartment and trekked our belongings the lengthy distance down one flight of stairs and into a new sparkly apartment (yes, we moved one floor down lol). Ever since, it’s been out with the old and in with the new as we worked to turn this house (errr apartment) into a home.

It’s been a labor of love to say the very least and trying to translate my colorful style into home decor in a tasteful and timeless way can be a bit of a challenge. But with the help of a few amazing brands, lots of late nights spent online shopping and stalking dream homes on Pinterest, Paris’s good eye for style and not to mention handy man skills and the inherited design instincts from my interior decorator of a mother (and often worried phone call consulting with said mother – thanks mom) the apartment was born!IMG_5344IMG_5496

My little “open concept” living room is quite the little multitasker! It serves as my lounge space, entertaining spot, dining room (did you notice how my coffee table doubles as my dining table / couch desk) and office space … aka Waffles Lair, actually this whole dang apartment is Waffles Lair.IMG_4947IMG_5507

Pillows via Society SocialI-Scream vase via Lulu & Georgia

After finding the perfect sofa from Apt2b (read the full story here) and this amazing chevron rug, my next big challenge was filling the oddly spaced and unique configuration of my open concept living space – yikes. I quickly learned white walls are my enemy – and since Paris was against painting for fear of over doing it on the color (what, no such thing) and despises wallpaper, we landed with an over-the-top gallery wall with a positive message (remember where you’ve been, and keep your eyes on where you’re going… oh and dream big!) and a statement art piece that I painted.

Since finding art can be really overwhelming, I turned to Lulu & Georgia, known for great decor pieces but also an awesome art collection and quickly found these amazing three pieces – one pictures Arizona (my home state), another Southern California (where I lived briefly and where Waffles was born) and a third, San Francisco (my home before New York) so they all tell a story. I sent them off to Framebridge to get custom and high quality frames in a crazy fast turn around. I usually DIY my own framing, but probably won’t ever make that mistake again. Their service is a total game changer and totally worth the investment! Their high quality frames put my DIY work to shame!

IMG_5875IMG_5864 (1)

For my DIY art, I used my pretty Society Social pillows as color inspiration and created the rooms focal point by using a self created (and self taught) brush stroke technique over a previously  turquoise painted canvas- the key is to know your color wheel, keep your brush dry and know when to put down the paint… I promise it was much easier than it looks! Oh and I also painted the brush stroke painting on the gallery wall – which was also so simple, fun and affordable! I promise to share a tutorial soon.



Across from the couch, you’ll find my entertainment center – AKA where I binge watch PLL and Dance Moms like a twelve year old… and have recently become best friends with Elaine Benes and of course, Kramer. I got the most amazing yet subtle roller shades, that help prevent a crazy glare from occurring on my precious TV time or while I’m working at the computer in the office nook, and they’re cordless so they’re totally safe for Waffles ( by the way, if you have a pet, please please please get cordless window coverings like mine from Smith & Noble I would hate to see them get injured playing with the cord!).



My entertainment center also kind of serves as a time machine, housing some of my favorite books I’ve collected from thrift stores or as gifts over time, my record player that’s currently playing the Clueless Soundtrack because I am a firm believer that everything sounds better on Vinyl (mp3s? Oh as if!!), my N64 because we like to party like it’s 1999 and because I’m so incredibly awesome at Mario Party it will totally blow your mind (poor Paris doesn’t stand a chance) and finally, my vintage rotary phone that I use to buzz guests to the building. I also love our little B&W homage to some of my favorite entertainers including Emma Watson, Andy Sandburg, Tina Fey and of course, JT… who I also have on vinyl.IMG_5121IMG_5960IMG_5190 (1)IMG_5892

From my couch, you can view my kitchen, ity bitty bathroom, my disconnected closet, and bedroom door (i’ll share a tour of them all soon, stay tuned) and most importantly, my office nook – where all the Color Me Courtney magic happens … well some of it, a lot of it also happens from my laptop in my bed but whatever, that’s another story. I’ve spent countless late nights working hard from my little Color Me Corner (it’s currently 2:42 AM, no biggie) with Waffles sprawled out on the sheep skin rug, Rootbeer in hand while singing along to Katy Perry, Demi Lovato and other sparkly female goddesses (proof on my snap chat >> xocourtneyquinn).

IMG_5142IMG_5707IMG_5321White board & bulletin board via Dormify
IMG_5776 (1)


I “try” to keep organized by using my bulletin & whiteboards but usually leave the chalk board for Paris to write corny quotes that always make me chuckle, even at 3 in the morning. I try to keep everything I could need while working handy and out in the open by displaying it all on the desk, because it keeps me from making a too much of a mess and makes it easier to find things in a jiffy! With so much to love about this corner, my favorite things have to be my big light up arrow against the exposed brick wall and the crazy colored confetti pillow against my ghost chair from Design Within Reach.

 So that’s it! Our living, dining, office and lounge space in a nut shell! Small living in an NYC apartment can be a tough adjustment, especially if you work out of your place as much as I do, so be sure to make your place, comfortable, functional and above all – you! I hope you can see sprinkles of my personality coming through in our little west village apartment! 🙂

Shop everything you just saw from the photos & links below or by going here

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Monarch Specialties 60 in. L Hollow-Core TV Console in White • $183.34
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39 thoughts on “APT TOUR – Living Colorfully in the West Village

  1. Ann-Louise

    Oh WOW! Your living room and office space is amazing!! It’s not exactly my style but I must say that I love it, I’m obsessed haha! I would definitely move in there if I got the chance!! I really love the big window in your office space! You have done a really great job!! 😀 <3


  2. TammyL

    I love your style and can’t wait to see the rest of your colorful cozy home. My style is similar to yours, so I appreciate you sharing your decor. I love the brick walls mixed with the white, it adds such charm and character. Waffles is the cutest and is lucky to live in such a happy, colorul place. Can’t wait to see more.


  3. Elana

    Wow! I remember walking in when it was an empty apartment. It looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the coffee table – that’s so neat.

  4. Silje

    I’m seriously in love with your style (both fashion and interior) 😀
    This post gives me so much inspo for my own home, so thank you for sharing:) And I can’t wait to see the rest of Waffles fabulous lair 😉

  5. Xan Mirvil

    I love your apartment! It’s so colorful. I share your major love of color. I’m not a fan of stark white walls either. Well, not every single wall being white. I wanted to paint my dining room wall a soft orange or yellow in my apartment, but it is not allowed. Anyhow, I can’t wait to see the rest of your apartment!

  6. Nicole

    I love your apartment it is so cute and I love all the great artwork. Thank you so much for sharing.
    xoxo – Nicole @astyledloveaffair

  7. Morgan

    SERIOUSLY?! This is to die for. I thought I had my whole living area in my new loft planned out, but it’s back to the drawing boards! Crazy awesome inspo – including the addition of a dog to the mix. Waffles just looks to cute to pass up!

  8. Kathleen

    I’m obsessed with your space and what you’ve done with it! I’m actually moving into my first apartment on Monday – it’s on the Upper Eastside and I can’t wait! You’ve been a great inspiration.

  9. Jackie

    OMG – I am so in love with this entire post! Everything is gorgeous and seriously, I’d be inspired just by being in that space.

    Also, Waffles just adds to the awesomeness, doesn’t he?

    Something About That

  10. Mili

    Your place is so so so cute! I absolutely love how you’ve decorated it. You got the perfect balance between white and bright and minimalistic and bright colors and personality. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  11. Riley

    LOVE this space! What a gem to find in the West Village (I live there too- best neighborhood in the city). And you did such a beautiful job making it look like you and feel like home!

    Also, hello Waffles. You’re cute.

    – Riley

  12. Tristan Davidson

    I love LOVE everything in your apartment! I found your blog through the comments on another blog that I read and have been following for a couple months now. Your fun and girly style and personality are so contagious and yours is probably one of the ‘happiest’ blogs I’ve come across! I would trade my house in Texas for a cozy NY apartment like yours any day.

  13. Mary-Katherine

    Your apartment is so darling!! You are one of those people I an envious of because you clearly have a knack for this haha. I am so challenged when it comes to home decor. I know what I like when I see it but just can’t put it together myself. Come help me?!

    xo Mary-Katherine | http://www.goldhattedlover.com

  14. Alanna B.

    WOWWWW! You have really turned your space into a home! It looks like it could be in a catalog! I love how you incorporated your personal style and love of color into your apt! Also so cool with the brush stroke painting you made it looks amazing! And the exposed brick tho!! So awesome thanks for sharing and way to go I’m sure it was a lot of work but came out amazing!

    xx Alanna

  15. Veronica

    I love your apartment! So cute. How were you able to have no wires showing in your entertainment area?! That’s always my biggest hassle!

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