Make a Wish!

1st July 2016

Close your eyes, make a wish!party-intro

OMG GUYS! I’m so excited to share todays post and the kick off a month long celebration I have been planning for a while now!

Welcome to Color Me Party Month! A month long celebration leading up to my golden birthday.

Once upon a time, I had a class mate who who turned 11 on May 11th – sparking me to learn all about golden birthdays! I remember being instantly excited by the idea and expressed that I couldn’t wait until mine rolled around! She then reminded me that since I was born on July 26th, I would have to wait 15 years until I turned 26th before I could celebrate my golden birthday! The excitement quickly turned to sadness and then determination which came with a promise, a promise to celebrate the most epic of golden birthday’s ever in the year 2016 … and now, that day has come!

I’m so excited that the year of my golden birthday has finally arrived, that I’m celebrating in a big way! All month long I’ll be sharing 26 days of party-perfect content on instagram, other social networks and here on Color me Courtney. I’ll also be pinning all of that fun stuff to this confetti filled pinboard that I’ll fill with tons os inspiration for any future celebration you might be planning!

So GET EXCITED because this is just the beginning.
Follow the party month along here // & the pinboard here

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