Making Strides

21st October 2016

fullsizerender-4As you probably know this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! img_6830fullsizerender-2

Almost everyone I know has been affected by cancer in someway, so I’m excited to partner with the American Cancer Society and their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk this month to promote awareness and share a few ways to get involved!


Wondering how you can help?

Walk it out

Join a walk! Raise money, donate yourself or get out there and participate! I loved the Making Strides walk because it was such an easy way to participate. You could work to build a big team, walk with your family or group of friends or keep it small. Paris and I put away money each month for savings, but this month, we donated that to the walk, woke up early and got our walk on! I’ve done walks in the past but this one was such a great and easy way to participate – it didn’t take as much planning or fundraising as others and is just a great way to get on board, so don’t be intimidated! Find out how to build your own team here!


Wear pink!

This is an easy one, wear pink this month to show your support for the cause. Instead of buying something new, shop resale and use the savings to donate to the American Cancer Society or buy something from their shop so you know your money is going somewhere that matters!


Act normal

If you have someone going through cancer in your life, the best thing you can do is treat them normally! They’re already going through something abnormal, so you’re support and love can do wonders for them. I struggle with a chronic illness (nothing as severe as cancer) and whenever I’m sick the best thing my friends and family is treat me normal, I hate being “handled with care” or pitied.

Chemo kit!

If you know someone going through chemo and want to help, attending their sessions and bringing a chemo kit can help lift their spirits! More about that in this video here:

I know cancer can be such a devastating thing to think about, go through or take on. Sometimes you just feel so helpless, and don’t know how to help those affected. Hopefully this post helped a bit to lift your spirits so you can do the same to someone else. Just know, if you’re going through this I’m thinking of you!

Lots of love xo Courtney

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