Mansur Gavriel Pop Up!

8th May 2017

FullSizeRender 10Recently I’ve become totally obsessed with all things Mansur Gavriel, and I mean, how could I not!FullSizeRender 9Incase you don’t know who or what I’m talking about, let me drop some science real quick 😉 Founded in 2012 by two sassy chicks, Mansur Gavriel is a beyond darling fashion house that makes a serious (and often saturated) statement with simplistic silhouettes — woa say that 5 times fast. You know how they say “less is more”, well that’s a saying I’ve never subscribed too – but some how MG has made it work, and passed in the “less is more” category with flying colors … literally! FullSizeRender 13

I first noticed them a few years ago when all the big bloggers were rocking their signature bucket bag (specifically, Kat of With Love From Kat) – that was so sold out at the time. I had just started working at Coach, and we were chatting about it from a competitive point of view and I remember thinking “that bag looks so expensive, it has to be 2K dollars” only to find out it wasn’t, it was in that $600 range. Not to say a $600 bag is affordable, but for the high quality Italian made bag we were looking at, with a chic design and buzz worthy nature, I was expecting a much higher price tag. FullSizeRender 18

I didn’t buy a bucket bag, and I still don’t own one. I’ve been temped, but TBH I don’t love having something that everyone else has so I passed (also I didn’t have $600 to spend on a handbag at a time, most of my salary was going to paying my rent and feeding my chipotle addiction). Somewhere along the line, the brand expanded into shoes and more styles, pretty enough to make your heart burst in the best way!FullSizeRender 12

Recently, I made my first Mansur Gavriel purchase, the pink circle purse you’ve probably seen me feature like crazy on my blog. I’ll be honest, I first saw it on a blogger (Blaire of Atlantic Pacific) and bought it instantly! Soon after it started selling out and then more and more people were featuring it – this kind of hurt my soul but I loved the bag so much I didn’t care.FullSizeRender 16

Shop the look & the Look for less below:

My circle purse is a total splurge, and kind of an irrational decision, but it is my favorite purse I own now … the close second has to be my mini sun bag. I knew Mansur Gavriel had a pop up in SoHo but I had been deliberately avoiding it in an attempt to save my bank account. A bunch of bloggers had posted photos of it, but when I saw Aimee Song of Song of Style post it on Instagram on a day when I was heading down there anyway, I decided to stop by. At the time, the whole place was PINK and I was so obsessed! I mean – who doesn’t love a totally pink store, and more importantly – why don’t more stores do this! FullSizeRender 17

At this pink palace, many bags were on display in the pink, red, white and blush family – but then I saw someone bring out a yellow one from the back and I realized THEY HAVE MORE COLORS IN THE BACK. So at the pop up, what you see is not what you get, you can ask for more colors of a specific style and they’ll magically pull them out from the back and make all your rainbow dreams come true – the best part? you can only get these colors at the pop up! I picked up my mini sun bag in yellow after asking for a “small yellow cross body?” and felt like I was walking on sunshine. As I was checking out, the store girls (who were dressed in cute outfits that gave me black mirror vibes – which I totally mean as a compliment) told me that they’ll be closing the store down to paint it (Wait for it) YELLOW! And I think I shrieked. FullSizeRender 14

A few weeks later, I came back to explore the now yellow color explosion. Just in time for Easter the previously pink, valentine-esque store now felt like you were on the inside of a very stylish egg! The walls and shelves were covered in candy, opposed to the floral features that were previously there. On this trip I picked up pink loafers and fell in love with the brand all over again. I really don’t think I’m equipped with the poetic genius to give this store justice, so instead I’ll just show you.

FullSizeRender 15Shop the look & look for less version below:

Before I skipped off into the sunset, the girls told me they were closing down again to turn pink.. again! Plus they shared there is so much in store for the brand like clothing SO if you’re thinking of making a trip, I suggest calling the store first to make sure they’re open, or following the brand on instragram for updates. FullSizeRender 11

Shop my Mansur Gavriel Favorites below:

Since I like to pass the blogging torch at the end of each post, wanted to invite you to check out or re-check out Kat’s style & blog. She’s a less is more gal, and has such a simple-chic style that really elevates everything she touches. Plus she’s gorgeous! I had the honor of chatting with her over dinner a few nights ago at the Create & Cultivate speaker panel. Early on, I watched her blog from afar and learned about so many great brands, and even blogging tips from her elegance and grace both off and online. Because of her, I wear Laura Mercier translucent powder and always send gifts to brands after working together on something special. Thanks Kat, you taught me so much more than you’ll ever know.

Check her out – With Love From Kat

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  1. Michelle

    I’ve been eyeing that circle bag for a while so I totally get it. Sometimes a girl has to splurge. I would need the pink too LOL I appreciate that you still go and buy what you love instead of just wearing what’s gifted to you.

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