Masquerade Ball

3rd November 2014

IMG_9578 IMG_9627 Hello Dolls! I hope you all had a wonderful halloween weekend full of fun and most importantly teeth-rotting candy (uhm, yum!). In addition to halloween festivities, I attended a masquerade ball last thursday with my boy & a few blogger babes!IMG_9580IMG_9639Sadly, I have never attended a ball before so of course I took this opportunity to go all out. I rented a gown, spent a day at the show room trying on dresses, tested my make-up the day before and convinced Paris to wear a velvet suit! I basically treated it like prom, without the braces, poorly applied lashes, acrylic nails and monster of a Betsy Johnson prom dress – and I know what you’re thinking and the answer is yes, my prom did take place in a 80’s brat pack movie.IMG_9574IMG_9594Untitled 18IMG_9631Halloween is one of my favorite holidays –  any opportunity to eat candy and wear a costume is a good day in my book – so I had to start the weekend off with a bang, well Ball! Elena and Lex dressed up before heading to the monster ball, Lex even took things a step further by coming in her halloween makeup, she’s crazy and I love it! The ball was a mix of things, since the dress code said “gowns” most followed our lead with the full length fancies, but some went in a Lexicon-Of-Style-direction with halloween inspired looks and makeup.IMG_9587IMG_9625IMG_9613The ball wasn’t all I did over the holiday weekend, on Friday I met up with Elena again to attend a halloween party for Paris’s work, but it turned into spending the night making our costumes (Paris and I were “French Kiss” and Waffles was a giant box of French Fries, see it here) before walking around people watching. Once we made it to the party, we had already had too much fun scanning the costumes downtown that we honestly stood in line for about five min before turning around and b-lining for dessert, whoops! Anyways, I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday weekend!!IMG_9629

Dress –  Karla Drama Gown by Nha KhanhRent it
Bag – Haven Satin Clutch by Franchi – Rent it
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15 thoughts on “Masquerade Ball

  1. Emil Cole

    Hey Courtney! I recently found your Instagram and loved it so I HAD to come check out your blog! Oh my word, you seriously look stunning in this dress! If I ever get to attend a ball, I would want to wear something just like it! Love the tulle and the black lace, gorgeous! So glad I found a new blog to “stalk” haha!

    Have a great weekend!

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