Meet Waffles

About two years ago I became a mom to the best/worst french bulldog around: Sir Waffles Leopold Nelson the 3rd, but you can call him Waffles.

Waffles is a Fawn frenchie who lives with me in my tiny train style apartment in the West Village. He was born April 22nd 2012 and is now 25 pounds of pure muscle (and gas). He snored & farted his way into my heart and is super spoiled.
He loves meeting other frenchies, eating treats, ignoring me, talking (yes, talking), eating, sleeping, snoring, watching harry potter, eating, playing with horses (see it here), eating going to the dog park, running in circles for no reason until he passes out and modeling for the camera. Although he doesn’t have his own instagram (we can’t let all the fame go to his head) you can see all his posts here and all his insta featured by following the hastga #waffiegram or his blog features here

5 thoughts on “Meet Waffles

  1. Randi

    NO WAY I cannot believe you have a dog named Waffles! I’ve been counting down the days until I can get a corgi pup and name him Waffles. So crazy! You have great taste in pet names. :)

  2. Hannah

    Eeeep courtney i just found your blog today and it is so cute! I am in love with your black off-shoulder top in the above “meet waffles” pics, could you share where you found it?


    P.S. <3 waffles, what a sweetie!!


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