Candy Stripes

30th December 2014

IMG_6280When it comes it stripes, the brighter the better.
I’m kinda crazy about bright colors and am known for having a serious stripe obsession, so when the opportunity presented itself to combine these two loves in one piece I jumped at the opportunity and bought out the whole collection – I’m not kidding. So today I am sharing three seriously sweet ways to wear these pieces candy stripes!

Shake with a side of Stripes
IMG_3422I like my milkshakes vanilla (don’t judge me, I love vanilla) and with a side of the brightest stripes. I used this bright sweater to brighten up a gloomy day and the milkshake to rot my teeth. I neutralized the pairing of the candy colored sweater and matching stripe beanie with basic denim and a grey coat.IMG_3496IMG_3424IMG_3489

Gap Holiday Stripe Sweater || Gap Holiday Stripe Beanie || Jeans || Bag 
Photos Taken at Hamilton’s in the West Village

Candy JammiesIMG_5508
The best pajamas are the blindingly bright pjs with patterns to help you rise early. After I picked up this striped sweater, I found the matching sweater leggings and became instantly obsessed. The only thing I love more than pattern is more pattern so I eagerly doubled up on stripes for Christmas Morning. Aside from looking like a who at the crack of dawn, I have also given these leggings a whirl for cozy evenings spent blogging paired with a sleep tee or a late night ice cream run with a neutral sweater and coat.  IMG_5455IMG_5490

Gap Holiday Stripe Sweater || Gap Holiday Stripe Leggings || Initial Mug
Photos Taken at Hamilton’s in Soho Hotel

Taking a Walk on the Bright SideIMG_6259
McDougal is my favorite street for a reason, because of the seriously bright, bold colors that match this collection. If you’re a little less bold but still want to take a walk on the bright side, you could dabble in candy stripes with this darling scarf. I paired it with an equally bright cotton-candy inspired coat (last seen here), it doesn’t match exactly but plays off the hues enough to create the illusion of cohesion – sometimes you don’t have to have an exact match to make a look work!IMG_6243IMG_6211IMG_6273

Gap Holiday Stripe Scarf || Coat || Bag || Jeans || Booties || Sweater
Taken on McDougal Street

What do you think of this crazy candy-colored collection? Am I completely insane for diving head first into it? Spoiler alert – yes. But I do what to hear from you – what is your favorite piece of the collection (mine’s this bear because I’m a child).


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