Optimistic // Pessimistic

7th August 2015

IMG_8951Are you and Optimist or a Pessimist?IMG_8672

Probably if asked, most of us would say optimist, I think we like to think we look at the glass as half full because who wants to admit they don’t! Either way, I think it is kind of human nature to be optimistic! Well honestly, I’m both, we all are at least a little bit. Today I’m talking about the optimistic and pessimistic side of my style and sharing two looks that help my channel my weaknesses and insecurities and turn them into awesome battle wounds and body armor – POW + there’s a giveaway at the bottom so read on!!!IMG_8785IMG_8761

This optimist dress means a lot to me! Not only is it the most comfortable dress ever WITH POCKETS but it also says a lot of how far I have come in regards to insecurities. I’ve always been a pretty positive and confident person, happy with myself for the most part, never really bullied or any reason to feel self-conscious, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t. We all have things we’ve been insecure about – one of mine was my arms, and shift dresses. I have fairly big and buff arms (thanks dad), so it always bothered me and prevent me from wearing tank dresses like this. Also a shift dress isn’t the most flattering, although its comfortable, it doesn’t show off your smallest point and can often drown you. Despite my self-conscious objections, I bought this dress as a step towards learning to love myself as I am no matter what, and not sure there is anything more optimistic than that 🙂IMG_8748

For the pessimistic look I wore black denim, something I think most people use to hide in but denim was another major insecurity of mine for so long. I thought I was too hippy, too curvy and couldn’t get my but into any jeans lol so I avoided them. A few years ago I owned maybe one pair of denim, now I own almost 15 which is a crazy accomplishment for me – more importantly, I actually wear jeans now gasp! Embracing the pessimistic sides of your life, wardrobe and everything inbetween can have awesome effects, I promise 😉IMG_8770

I cant tell you how refreshing and freeing it is to come face to face with your insecurities, honestly is the best way to get over them, stare them down and show them who’s boss, boom! << GIVEAWAY >> If you want to show off your optimistic and pessimistic side with this clutch & some crazy cute sunglasses, you’re in luck! I’m teaming up with to Hayden-Harnett and Classic Specs to give away a pair of sunglasses and this crazy cute (and semi-bipolar, but in the best way possible) clutch! << Enter here >>IMG_8672

OPTIMIST: Classic Specs Logan Glasses || Hayden Harnett Bardot Clutch || Easy Printed Shift Dress || Black Wedges || Pom Poms 

PESSEMIST: Classic Specs Waverly Sunglasses || Hayden Harnett Bardot Clutch || Colorful Blouse || Black Denim || Black Crepe Vest || Black Wedges

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