City Skate

9th January 2015

IMG_5953   Aside from replacing my normal water intake with hot coco (extra marshmallows please), outdoor ice skating has to be one of my favorite winter activities!IMG_5985IMG_6012Growing up, Polar Ice was the place to be. The year was 2001, a sixth-grade Courtney lived in suburban Arizona so there wasn’t much to do. For entertainment, we spent Friday Nights at the Ice Rink, twirling (and falling) to S Club 7 – ain’t no party like an s-club par-tay. Plus I have a background in competitive dance, so when it comes to skating I’m pretty much a pro (not) and super graceful on the ice (hahah – not), like a really talented penguin or something.IMG_5989IMG_5998IMG_5904IMG_5951Okay, okay so my ice skating skills are not at penguin level, but I still like pretending like I know what I’m doing – Presenting, Color Me Courtney … ON ICE! My favorite spot to skate in NYC is at the Standard at the Highline because it’s not crazy crowded like other rinks and makes for a super cute backdrop. I didn’t mind that my too-cool-to-skate-brother (who took these photos while he was in town) refused to Ice dance with me, I was happy as a penguin to be skating around with the 8-10 year olds on this unexpectedly warm day! Some of them tried to take me down with them, but I stood strong …  Sorry little dude every man for himself 😉 #ManDownIMG_5901

Sweater (more colors) || Skirt || Hat || Sunnies || Gloves

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  1. Melissa

    HAHA! This post is so cute and funny. That little guy taking a tumble in the background takes the cake. I went ice skating for the first time a few months ago and had a blast. I may have to try this rink, Bryant Park gets so crowded and my skills aren’t the best, lol! And you’re ice skating in a skater skirt, cute and brave. 🙂


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