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22nd December 2016


It’s no secret that it’s freaking cold in NYC – so I’ve been doubling up on everything, sweaters, scarves, tights (and sometimes even outerwear) to brace myself for the brisk weather.img_1131img_1230

Today I’m styling one puffer from Hollister two ways – to show you how you can get double duty out of your favorite jacket and wear it some unexpected ways. img_1082img_1245


As you know, I own (now) nine red coats #oops but I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. This cute red one from Hollister was my first puffer one, and I love it! It’s so light weight that I can layer it under a wool coat or just wear it alone on warm days.img_1222img_1133

For my first outfit, I took the overall skirt out for a whirl, and layered two sweaters and two pairs of tights underneath. I started the day with the puffer, but was able to comfortably spend the second half of the day without it when things warmed up.img_1141

For the second look, I found the softest sweater dress from Hollister and layered it over light sweater for extra warmth. I double up on tights again before layering up with a scarf and puffer.img_1243img_1078


    img_1234 img_1090 img_1078

Thanks to Hollister for sponsoring this post

5 thoughts on “Outerwear Favs

  1. Thays Dos Santos

    I love your new hairstyle! You look absolutely gorgeous <3 I also wanted to say thank you for responding to my email. It was a long time ago so I'm not sure if you remember but I asked you for blogging advice and I actually have your response printed out for me to look at everyday. There is two more questions I wanted to ask if that is okay. First, what equipment would you use if you didn't have a photographer. You see, I am a fashion blogger but I don't have money for a photographer. I got a tripod and I'm still waiting for the remote to arrive for my camera. However, is there anything else I could use to take good quality outfit shots? Lastly, what hashtags or tags should I use on my Instagram photos to help them become more notice.
    Happy Holidays love,


  2. Anonymous

    Love you’re new hairstyle its so fabulous!! I love you’re looks as well warm but yet still very stylish!! I love it all!!

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