President’s Day Weekend Sale Round Up!

17th February 2017

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Happy President’s Day Weekend! This time of year isn’t only a time to reflect on the past while celebrating the birth of our founding fathers, but it also allows us to review those items our banks begged us not to break them for over the past season. That’s right! President’s Day weekend is a time for some of our favorite stores to slash the prices on last season’s line-up in order to make room for what’s ahead. Whether it’s a piece you’ve been eyeing for months, or you just need something to brighten up your wardrobe for spring, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items on sale this weekend!

Sale Roundup

This weekend only, Anthro is offering an additional 40% off select sale styles. Shop some of my favorites on sale here:

Until Monday, Kate Spade is offering an additional 25% off with the code: BUBBLY! Everything from bags to dresses to shoes available at incredible price points!

All weekend long trusty Lord & Taylor is honoring 20% off with the code: SALE. So many great brands with incredible pieces available, right now! HURRY HURRY!

When ordering online, make sure to use the code: ENJOY to save 30% off on select items. Hurry though, because this offer is only good through tomorrow!

Today and tomorrow ONLY, Topshop is giving you an extra 20% off! They’ve got a great selection of sweaters and lightweight jackets that are perfect for this transition to spring!

In case you were looking for even more great sales, here’s a list of stores and the awesome deals they’re offering this weekend!

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 11.47.36 AM

Fashion Week Fail

16th February 2017

FullSizeRender 25New York Fashion Week has always been (and will continue to be) one of the most exciting weeks of the year for our industry. However, in the past 5 or so years, it’s really evolved in large part due to the influx of bloggers in attendance. Every year these girls (myself included) dress to the nines, and strut their stuff between shows. As a result, your feed is flooded with runway shots & fun group photos of girls having a blast with their fashion besties at some of the most exclusive events of the year.

I’m not saying that these girls are lying to you or that these photos are fake – because they’re probably not. I bet a bunch of these girls love every second of fashion week, from back to back shows, to long days without lunch to event after event after event. I think I’m the odd one here because I’ll be really honest – I’m not obsessed with Fashion Week.FullSizeRender 21

Today I’m going to share an uncensored side of my recent NYFW experience, including the good, the bad & the ugly. 

Before we get started, I want to say I’m not complaining – at all. I feel so incredibly honored and humbled to attend FW for the past few years. Even though I always wanted to (and planned on) working in fashion, I never thought my career would take me to a place that allowed me to attend, so 12, 16 and even 20 year old Courtney is still freaking out every time I get an invite. So please keep in mind that throughout this, I’m not at all complaining about the week.FullSizeRender 19

The Good

There are some really good and even great parts about Fashion Week that I look forward to year after year, truthfully there may even be too many good parts to count. Out of all the highlights, my favorite part has to be the people. So many bloggers come from across the country (and globe) to see the shows and essentially network within our industry. I love getting to catch up with other bloggers or meet some in person for the first time. I have only a handful of blogger friends in general, and most of them don’t live in New York City, so FW is some of the only times I get to reconnect with them. Most of this happens at events (Like the ShopStyle social house) because there isn’t that much time to chat during the shows. I’m always so flattered (and surprised) when someone comes up to me to tell me they read my blog, it makes me feel less alone in this industry and proud of what I do.

Aside from the people, connecting with brands and giving a behind the scene looks to my readers has to be one of the reasons I really love NYFW. Honestly, anyone can stream shows online or follow a brand’s snap chat for an instant look at their collection. Or at the very least, you could read a roundup from your favorite magazine that tells you everything you need to know about the shows – this goes live as quickly as hours after the models strut their stuff. Since brands and websites are doing the job of reporting what went down on the runway, I think a bloggers job is to give a review with their own twist. I share the pieces I would wear with insight on how I would style them now, or later.

I’m never going to be the most high fashion girl out there, and I’m okay with that. I mix high & low pieces and see no shame in rewearing some of my favorites. As a result, fashion week isn’t ever going to be the perfect place for me, so I have to make it my own. This year I tried to bring a realistic side by attending shows that featured real women (instead of only models) of all shapes and sizes like the WWW show and the Macy’s Red Dress show, and skipping those with extremely expensive and exclusive pieces that my followers might not ever wear. FullSizeRender 18

The Bad

One thing I really dislike about NYFW is the false perception associated with it. When scrolling through instagram, every post looks like it’s pure perfection as if everyone’s day is going off seamlessly. For some people, this might be the case but for me it usually couldn’t be further from the truth – especially during Feb Fashion Week when it’s raining or snowing or a dang blizzard outside. FullSizeRender 17

Less people travel during Feb because of the weather so my favorite fashion girls usually don’t come (sad face) making it a little harder to bare. The weather is one thing, but some days it feels like everything is just off. The best example of this is my Sunday fail from last weekend. I shared the story on Instagram, but incase you missed it here it is:

I got out of bed despite a bad case of food poisoning & freezing rain for the bloglovin’ event where I ran into @scoutfashion before heading to @emilymen‘s event. Then I skipped off to the Tracy Reese show (one of the only women of color designers at fw so I always go support). stared at 2, got there at 2:03 & waited in a mob outside in the freezing rain. At 2:20 half of the group was in (& 30 people had cut me – I get it, it’s cold but I was bare legged and didn’t cut a soul). I’m next, when I get cut off at the door – they say they’re at capacity and no one else can get in rn! Thinking, “cool I’ll be in in 5 min” I smile, wait, & think of AZ summers to fight through the fact that I can’t feel my toes. After 30 min of watching “VIPs” cut ahead of me, & listen to those behind me complain that they have “special invites”, are “Press”, or (believe it or not) are actually Tracy Reese LOL and need to get in RIGHT NOW, I left. It was 250 and I had a 3 show. I really wanted to share @tracy_reese with you (I love supporting black women and businesses) but I’m not “more important” than anyone else standing in line & wasn’t going to fight, lie or cut my way in. THEN I ran into @sassyredlipstick @wannabefashionblogger & a few other sf bloggers – they were a total ray of sunshine in the freezing rain.  As I gained the feeling back in my legs, I met my bestie / assistant @kristinroa to snap this pic before running to @leannemarshallofficial. Last year, I sat front row. I’ve watched @projectrunway since season 1 (including hers) so supporting PR designers is so important to me! I also usually get my “runway shot” there and save it as the 1 photo I share on my Insta feed. Plus it’s the only show @kristinroa cared about and she’s been SAVING ME all week I so I really wanted her to see it! We got there at 305 (shows never start on time) but my seated ticket wouldn’t print, apparently someone had already printed it ? After trying to sort it out, they gave me a standing seat and set me to the back of the line, cool no big, I don’t mind waiting …  20ish min, a few shoves and some new line friends later, they cut us off – shows at capacity and we can’t get In. Cool lol! I had to shoot a few things before our next one so we did that, in the rain! Then ran into  @danchiz @brightonkeller (so nice to meet you) & @natymichelle on the street before we decided to opt out of for the next shows. Fashion week can sure make you feel like you’re nothing. Between that and some of the sideways glances I’ve gotten from bloggers this year cause I’m not dripping in designers, it’s enough to make you want to call it quits! But instead of getting sad, we got pie so to me that’s winning ! Anyways, sharing this message, because perfection is just a false perception – and bad days don’t have to end bad, then can instead end with a meal with your best friend … and pie a la mode.

Sometimes a show list is perfectly curate stocked full VIPs and sometimes it’s just a big game of first come first serve. Having bloggers at fashion week has changed the game, for both the better and the worst and sometimes you get the short end of the stick (like I did), but other days you come out on top. This week can be a big mind game, that makes you never want to come out for it again. Literally, I would go to bed every night thankful for the opportunity to attend, but also kind of shaken from the ups and downs for the day. Each night I had the same thought – I don’t want to do this again tomorrow.FullSizeRender 23

The Ugly

I’m not really in this industry for the parties, so staying out all night at the most exclusive after after party, or drinking at events isn’t really my thing. I also don’t look like, talk like or even dress like your average fashion blogger, so I think that works against me. Maybe all together I seem less “fun” because I’m there to work, but I try my best to have a blast and make new friends through out the process. As a result, I sometimes get treated less than at these events. Bloggers who I know, who I text and who I have considered friends will pretend they don’t know me or act differently around me when they’re with their “bigger blogger friends”. This year, a girl who has been to my house before, turned away and ignored me when I waived at her at an event (no joke) and I wish I could say that was the first time. I don’t know, it’s really weird to me, and the only word to use here is ugly. I never thought the blogging world would be full of whatever that is, but like everything else it exists. There were mean girls in high school, and at my corporate job, so naturally it exists in the blogging community too. FullSizeRender 20

The Solution

There isn’t one right answer to surviving fashion week, or getting through without feeling like crap about yourself but here are a few things that have worked for me.

Find real friends in the industry, friends that if you quit blogging tomorrow you would still have something to chat about. At the top of my list has always been Olivia, but she’s a mom now so naturally she had other priorities. Hanging out with gals like Lisadnyc, Lexiconofstyle and Cait of Howdoyouwearthat helped keep me smiling throughout the week despite the sideways glances I got from other gals. I also love what I call my “southern girls” CarrieBradshawLied, MyStyleDiaries, APinchofLovely & HauteOffTheRack who come for September FW. 

Don’t wait for an invite! So many gals send me emails each year saying that they hope they’ll get invited to fashion week next year, and I always say that they have to be bold enough to ask! About 80% of my invites are for shows I request access to, not the other way around – and there’s no shame in that. I also get a lot of standing room tickets, which usually result in a seat as well. FullSizeRender 24

If you can, BYOB – Bring your own bestie. For the second year in a row, my best friend turned employee Kristin has been able to come with me to Fashion Week. Not only does she eliminate an enormous amount of stress from me (and Paris) she also keeps me smiling. When things go bad, she’s there to help me laugh it off and when they go great, she’s there to experience it with me so ultimately it can do wonders for the week in general. Kristin won’t be with my in September (tear) and I already can’t imagine this week without her. 

Toughen up and smile through it! Every year, I find myself feeling lucky I have a thick skin, and don’t really care what people think, otherwise FW might be really hard on me. Sure it’s exhausting, but it’s also fun. Even on the dark days, when friends turn out to be phony or nothing goes your way. If you’ve fallen victim to FW I hope this note reaches you, and you feel less alone. I really can’t speak for everyone, but I doubt I’m the only one who feels this way, so please remember you’re not alone. If you can remember how lucky you are to be there, and how many people would kill for your spot, you might be able to find a way to smile through the bad and find the silver lining. It’s never going to be perfect, but if you can find the bright spots, make some friends and find a way to do your job the best you can – you might come out the other side feeling a little bit better.  

FullSizeRender 22

I hope you loved this uncensored side of NYFW. I’ll be back tomorrow with everything I wore throughout the week.


MSGM Knit Striped Bomber Jacket, Black •
alice + olivia ‘Stace Face’ glitter leather crossbody wallet 
Wide leather belt with pearl Double G 
Suede pump 
Women’s Cece Bow Tie Blouse
Gucci – Faux Pearl-embellished Leather Belt – Black 
Gucci Marmont Fringe Suede 55mm Loafer, Red 


13th February 2017

Happy Galentine’s day!


My favorite thing about valentines day, is that women have taken it into their own hands as of late to really celebrate girl love & girl power. This day is no longer about having a significant other – it can be about having a super awesome BFF!



To celebrate, today I’ve teamed up with two awesome girl brands that totally embody femininity and awesomeness – & Benefit Cosmetics and we’re hosting a super awesome giveaway


I’ve been a big fan of since their launch – they are all about parties, FUN and the color pink so naturally I’m game! They have SO MANY awesome girly accessories and are always stepping up their game with new awesome pieces. Consider me a fan girl for life.


Benefit is another amazing brand that I’ve been obsessed with for like… ever. Their products have always been in full rotation in my makeup bag. Currently I’m loving their new  They’re Real! duo eyeshadow in shade and They’re Real! Double the Lip lipsticks in shade. These new duo’s work overtime, but combining an eye highlight and crease in one shadow swipe OR a lipstick in liner with just one application. I’m giving both a whirl in these photos!

FullSizeRender 15


FullSizeRender 16

To celebrate these beautiful brands, new products and the fact that I have a big fat girl crush on all of you – the three of us will be teaming up to give away some serious goodies!

You have a chance to win pretty much the ultimate V-day survival pack! we’re talking 4 They’re Real! duo shadow blenders & 4 They’re Real! double the lip lipsticks from Benefit Cosmetics and a mystery pack with up to $400 worth of! whoa! Just submit your email to enter! PS -have you guys seen our Benefit x x color me courtney valentine’s day pinterest board yet? It’s seriously magic!

Processed with VSCO with k2 preset

All you have to do is enter your email here and voilla! You could be the lucky winner!

And don’t forget to check out our epic Be Mine pinterest board here!


The Perfect Red Lipstick!

5th February 2017

FullSizeRender 6OMG OMG OMG!  Processed with Snapseed.

Today’s the day! I’m so excited to share that I’ve collaborated with BirchBox to create the perfect red lipstick color to wear year around … Color Me Confident.


I’ve been a fan of the LOC Vibrant Matte lipstick collection (an exclusive in house lipstick line developed by BirchBox) for a few years now. So when they approached me about creating a color for them, I was over the moon!

FullSizeRender 7

I wear lipstick daily, and often use it as the finishing touch on my outfits. My signature color is a red, matte lip, so naturally that’s what we created! My perfect red, isn’t quite a true, bright red. Instead, it’s a bit darker with a cranberry tone and hints of berry. Together, this creates a current take on a vintage classic and leaves you feeling confident and beautiful, no matter what you’re wearing.Processed with Snapseed.

Color Me Confident can be dressed up with a lacey outfit or dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt. No matter how you style it, you’re sure to stand out … in a very, very, good way.FullSizeRender 8

Surprise! Color Me Confident will be sprinkled in a few Feb BirchBoxes ! So be sure you’re signed up to receive monthly product selects full of must-try beauty favs all year long.


Get Confident! If you’re looking to just buy the perfect red lipstick, you can shop it here >> Color Me Confident

Thanks in advance for all your support!!!!

Kiss & Tell – My Top 20 Favorite Lipsticks

1st February 2017

Processed with Snapseed.Processed with Snapseed.IMG_5089MWAH!!Processed with Snapseed.Color Me Confident by LOC for BirchboxProcessed with Snapseed.Pink Decoy by BuxomProcessed with Snapseed.Powerful Pink by Mary KayProcessed with Snapseed.Poppy Please by Mary KayProcessed with Snapseed.Classified Crimson by BuxomProcessed with Snapseed.VooDoo Spice by BuxomProcessed with Snapseed.No. 3 (Strawberry Kissed) by SephoraProcessed with Snapseed.Venizia by StilaProcessed with Snapseed.No. 385 by LancomeProcessed with Snapseed.Petal by SephoraProcessed with Snapseed.Mystic by NUDESTIXProcessed with Snapseed.Lady Danger by MACProcessed with Snapseed.Orchid Luster by SephoraProcessed with Snapseed.Big Spender by SmashboxProcessed with Snapseed.Bumble by ColourPop Processed with Snapseed.No. 14 (Blackberry Sorbet) by SephoraProcessed with Snapseed.Wildfire by BuxomProcessed with Snapseed.Some Nerve by Smashbox Processed with Snapseed.Au Naturel by Buxom 

As you know, Lipstick is a really important part of my everyday life and essentially an extension of my wardrobe. I treat it as my go-to accessory and I never leave the house without it!

Today I’m sharing my top 20 favorite shades for you, and tomorrow I’ll share a big exciting surprise that I’ve been working on for over a year.

Want to see these looks in action? Press Play!

Shop the looks:

Au Naturel by Buxom
 Bumble by ColourPop
Mystic by NUDESTIX

Light Pinks:
Defiant Bloom by Buxom 
Petal by Sephora
Big Spender by Smashbox

Red Orange
Wildfire by Buxom
Poppy Please by Mary Kay
Lady Danger by MAC

Major Magentas
Orchid Luster by Sephora
No. 385 by Lancome
Some Nerve by Smashbox

Bright Pinks
Powerful Pink by Mary Kay
Pink Decoy by Buxom

Vampy Lips
No. 14 (Blackberry Sorbet) by Sephora
VooDoo Spice by Buxom

Melon Kiss
No. 3 (Strawberry Kissed) by Sephora
Venizia by Stila

Classic Reds
Classified Crimson by Buxom
*** UPDATED ***
Color Me Confident by LOC for Birchbox

A Make shift OOTD

29th January 2017

FullSizeRender 10We’ll title this look under: I moved yesterday so here’s what was on top of the first box I opened. FullSizeRender 3
Shop the look:

As some of you know because I announced it on Instagram, I moved last Wednesday. I still had events and things I had to attend the following day, although everything I owned was taped up in boxes.FullSizeRender 7

I was running late because I got busy unpacking … and because I spent 15 min scrolling through Amber Fillerup’s IG feed (I love Rosie); so I cut open the first box I found to come across this cute, oversized, layering top from Romwe and my go to suede leggings. After trying (and failing) to find my Stuart Weitzman Lowlands, I unboxed my only pair of black booties and rolled the hem of my leggings to make them appear “cropped” in contrast. Looking in mirror (and by this, I mean standing on a box in my bathroom and crouching over so I could see my whole look, because my full body mirror didn’t make it in he move, and my new one has yet to come) I felt like the look was chic (especially considering the circumstances) but kind of sad. So I finished with pop of color, and the only coat I could find.FullSizeRender 8FullSizeRender 6

I didn’t feel like doing my hair BUT was craving long locks after my insta-stalk session. So I popped in my curly clip ins and created some kind of side twisty, messy, braid contraption (If you like it, I’ll try to recreate it for a tutorial), before I ran out the door with this black & blue fuzzy backpack that doesn’t really match but whatever. Lipstick & eyebrows we’re done in the uber, and I was fifteen min late – but all in all I was pretty happy with this look created on the fly.FullSizeRender 9FullSizeRender 5

Romwe is an online retailer that ships from China. There are a few other similar sites with comparable product and price points that you may have come across before. I love their product (and their affordable prices) and always end up spending about a hundred dollars there, but walking away with 3-5 great pieces! I bought this oversized layered sweater in a size small, but could have gotten away with a XS too. I love that it’s long enough to cover my peach emoji, especially since I was just wearing leggings. Buying from places like Romwe is great, but there are some risks. Make sure you’re shipping to a place that will take DHL packages and that someone will be there to sign for it, and be prepared to track it closely. Our old apartment wasn’t the best for these types of shipments (our new one has a doorman, score) so I had it sent to Paris’s office where he would be there to receive. Also although you can return, you usually have to ship it back (all the way to china) at your expense and without a premade label. I tend to overbuy and then shop stuff back, but for retailers like Romwe, I avoid doing so, because if you’re buying something for $15, and it’s going to cost $13 to return it, you might be better just giving it to a friend. Anyways, thats just my two cents on retailers like Romwe, I have had nothing but positive experiences with them, I love their product and their price points but wanted to make sure you knew what you were getting into :)FullSizeRender 2

For my recent Romwe order I bought the sweater/shirt I’m wearing, this oversized sweater (see it here) and this hoodie that I didn’t love because it’s not big enough, so I’ll probably end up giving it away.

Shop Romwe Favs:

Sadly, I don’t think this will be the last of my unboxed outfits – I’ll be building a closet in my new place (stay tuned for that epic DIY) so for the moment I’ll be creating outfits on the fly, but hey it’s not so bad and kind of fun right?! I’ll also be doing lot of apartment shopping as I get the new place ready, weee! So to get you in the mood for a makeover, here are some of the things I’m loving right now at Crate and Barrel:

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender 4Shop the look:

Layered Top Only $21 I’m wearing a size Small
Red Coat 50% off and on sale for $99
Faux Suede Leggings My BFF this winter!!! They’re on sale for $59, so I just bought a second, backup pair!
Booties – The only pair of black booties I own, they’re great! Also in brown

See this look as my OOTD on instagram
& follow along @colormecourtney

Denim Daze

27th January 2017

FullSizeRender 2Denim is a girls best friend.FullSizeRender 4FullSizeRender 6I’ll be honest, I’m not known for wearing jeans. I’m more of a dresses & skirt kind of girl through and through. But I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older, because I’ve been living in the city or just because it’s crazy cold in NYC right now but I’ve been more and more inclined to wear jeans on a daily basis for a variety of activities.FullSizeRender 7

 A comfy & chic pair of denim like this Crafted by Lee pair is essential to any wardrobe. You can dress it up or down and get some serious use out of them. Whether you’re going on a morning coffee run, slaving away at the office, heading to drinks after work or just shopping on the weekend – denim can be a girls best friend!FullSizeRender

 Last weekend, I took my Crafted by Lee dark denim downtown to the new Canal Street Market to see what all the fuss was about. An oversized sweater, top knot and glasses was the perfect look for this low-key adventure, but I off set these casual favs with a circle purse and suede low-block pumps. The market was full of small shops, a coffee shop, and lots of art; it’s a cute (and cozy) spot to start your Sunday in style.

Jean break – Shop Crafted By Lee Styles:

 If you asked me five years ago, I would say denim has a place for weekend wear and that designer denim is the way to go, but in recent years my opinion on both of those has changed greatly. After working in the Corporate Fashion world for three years before leaving to blog full time.FullSizeRender 3

 Now, not only do I find myself wearing denim daily and worn in unexpected ways, but I end up spending less on jeans and being just as happy with the quality and end result. With brands like Crafted by Lee, offering comfortable denim at great price points and a variety of colors, I can afford to pick up a few pairs and wear them throughout the week.

 Press play to see a day in the life of my denim, as I style these jeans six different ways for six different days.

      Shop the Look by clicking the photos or the link below:

Crafted by Lee Women’s Curvy Fit Indigo Skinny Jean • $29.99
Free People Lovely Lines Bell-Sleeve Sweater • $74.99–89.99  (Also here and here)
Mansur Gavriel Brown Leather Circle Bag • $795  (Also here)
ASOS SIMONE Heels • $21.50  (on sale)

Thanks to Lee for sponsoring this post.

Favs of 2016

18th January 2017

FullSizeRender 28I honestly can’t believe it’s 2017. Last night I was on the phone with my mom and she said “Hamilton is coming to Arizona in 2017” and I was like “too bad thats so far away!!!!” …. #not. That’s now , and I’m loosing my marbles.FullSizeRender 61Anyways, since I’m still living in the past, I wanted to round up my top investments of 2016 and why they’ll be in rotation again for 2017… or whatever year we’re in now.FullSizeRender 5FullSizeRender 18

Pretty Pink Pumps – Early on in 2016, I fell hard for blush and this obsession continued until, well now (as I sit her blogging in a blush sweater, oops). I launched my obsession with these darling pink pumps, that happen to be designer dupes for under $150. I loved them so much that I ended up purchasing three of throughout the year. I ruined the first pair at Fashion Week (the show in a cemetery and therefore, in the grass, so bye bye blush babes), and picked up two more pairs when I knew they we’re going out of stock. The best part of these pumps? they go with everything and will be in heavy rotation for years to come.FullSizeRender 19

shop pink pumps:

Women’s Marc Fisher Ltd ‘Zala’ Pump • $160–160
Sam Edelman Hazel • $96–120
Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies Patent 100mm Red Sole Pump • $675
Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi’ Jewel Pump • $965
Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘Bb’ Pointy Toe Pump • $595

FullSizeRender 49Kiss Sneakers – If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m obsessed with rocking sneakers with a dress – its the perfect way to look cute and feel comfortable, especially when you’re traveling. In late spring, I picked up some kiss kicks for a trip to Europe. They were a splurge but quickly became my BFFS. I toted them through Spain, France, Italy, the UK, New Orleans, LA, and more, despite all the wear and tear, they still look great!FullSizeRender 4

shop statement sneakers:

Charlotte Olympia – Kiss Me Sneakers Women’s Lace up casual Shoes • $525
Women’s Here/now Scarlett Slip-On Sneaker • $260
Prada Lip-Appliqué Lace-Up Low-Top Sneaker, White • $750
Buscemi 40MM Bow Satin Sneakers • $750
Charlotte Olympia Kiss Me Patent Leather Sneakers • $367
Soludos Lip Denim Skate Sneakers • $89
Comme des Garçons PLAY Women’s Women’s Chuck Taylor 1970s High-Top Sneakers • $125
Joshua Sanders oversized bow sneakers • $139.55
Women’s Chiara Ferragni Flirting Lips Slip-On Sneaker • $344
Gucci White Floral Ace Sneakers • Sold Out
Comme des Garçons PLAY Women’s Women’s Chuck Taylor 1970s Low-Top Sneakers • $125
FullSizeRender 9A Yellow Coat – When the temps drops, everyone runs to black – but not me. I’m usually a red coat girl through and through but this year I flipped the script by investing in a yellow statement maker. It’s crazy warm, super comfy, has ample pockets and (most importantly) IT’S BRIGHT YELLOW. I wore it with denim, leggings, bold boots (like my yellow rain boots), in the rain, in the snow and on a Wednesday, because why not.FullSizeRender 10FullSizeRender 37

shop bold coats:

Petite chateau parka in stadium-cloth • $365
Women’s J.crew Devin Stadium Cloth Wool Blend Coat • $273.75
Oversized Waterfall Duster Coat Pink • $46.80
Belted zip trench coat in wool melton • $299.99
Nordic parka • $440–450
Tall double-cloth lady day coat with Thinsulate® • $290–355
J.Crew – Bouclé-knit Coat – Cream • $248.50

FullSizeRender 56Rainbow Sweater – Similar to the yellow coat listed above, a bright sweater can do wonders for a winter wardrobe, especially in a sea of black. Even if you’re reluctant to invest in a yellow coat, take a baby step with a bright sweater (or scarf, or both).

shop rainbow sweaters:

Striped Rainbow Wool Knit Jumper • Sold Out
Billabong Oversized Sweater In Slouchy Knit Rainbow Stripe • $98
Loewe – Fringed Mohair And Wool-blend Scarf – Red • $250
Bella Freud Rainbow Love Lace Jumper • $164
Hand Woven Rayon Chenille Scarf, ‘Solola Rainbow’ • $49.99
No. 21 Rainbow Striped Pullover • $264
Factory Color of Love Rainbow Sweater • Sold Out
Rainbow Pocket Cashmere Scarf • $149
Rainbow Scarf • $19.99

FullSizeRender 57Cat Flats / Chloe flats – Like my kiss sneakers, I invested in some cute flats this Spring for some of my trips abroad. I had been eyeing the chloe scalloped flats for years and finally used my cruise through Europe as an excuse to pull the plug. I have to say, they were a splurge but worth every penny – the leather is so soft and the heel is light but also structured. They’re the perfect flat for work or play!FullSizeRender 11

Closer to christmas, I treated myself to cat flats! Although I haven’t been able to wear them yet (because cold) I still thought they were worth mentioning.FullSizeRender 20

shop cat, chloe and look for less pairs below:

Chloe Lauren Scalloped Leather Ballerina Flat, Light Pink • $495
Charlotte Olympia – Flirty Kitty Women’s Flat Shoes • $525
Charlotte Olympia Blue Velvet Cheeky Kitty Flats • $525
Kate Spade New York Eleni Flex Scalloped Ballerina Flat, Pale Pink • $228
Charlotte Olympia Kitty Embroidered Velvet Flats • $495
Women’s Chloe ‘Lauren’ Scalloped Ballet Flat • $495
Callisto Taffy Scalloped Flats • $60
Chloé Scalloped Leather Flats • $220

FullSizeRender 45White OTK Boots – I love Stuart Weitzman over the knee boots, I bought two flat pairs of lowlands in 2015 (when I worked at Coach and got 50% off) and they’re my everything! So in 2016 I splurged on two more pairs, off white and navy that were each 40% off for black friday. I even bought my friend a pair for Christmas, because every girl needs them…. she cried when she opened the package (haha) so mission accomplished! I didn’t think I would wear the off white pair as much as I do, but they’ve quickly become my favorite and chicest pair. Since everyone has these boots, it’s fun to be different and make a new kind of statement that stands out from the crowd.

shop my lowland boots & look for less pairs below:

Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over-the-Knee Boot • $798
Women’s Steve Madden Gabriana Stretch Over The Knee Boot • $129.95
Women’s Dr. Scholl’s Original Collection Lydia Over The Knee Boot • $136.90
Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over-The-Knee Boot, Praline • $798
Carlos by Carlos Santana Rumor Over-The-Knee Block-Heel Boots • $59.40
Stuart Weitzman Lowland Suede Over-The-Knee Boot, Nice Blue • $798
Stuart Weitzman – Lowland Suede Over-the-knee Boots – Beige • $800
Pointed Toe Neoprene Over The Knee Boot Cream • $45
Stuart Weitzman Lowland • $640–875
Grey ‘Taster’ Over Knee Boots • $44
Women’s Stuart Weitzman ‘Lowland’ Over The Knee Boot • $798
The Lowland Boot • $399–875

FullSizeRender 50 Suede leggings – I was working on a project with Macy’s and Karen Kane when I found these leggings and they rocked my world. They’re high waisted, faux suede leggings and they’re literally the most worn pieces of clothing in my closet right now. When winter hits, you just want to live in leggings and sweaters, but that’s not always a stylish option. So I switched out my work out pants for chic, suede leggings that pair perfectly with my black sueded OTK boots – and I’m never taking them off.FullSizeRender 3

shop suede & faux suede leggings:

Women’s Karen Kane Leggings • $84
Women’s Karen Kane Leggings • $58
David Lerner Elliott Micro Suede Legging • $87–145
Women’s Sun & Shadow Lace-Up Faux Suede Leggings • $29.40
Ralph Lauren Collection Suede Ankle-Zip Leggings, Olive • $397.60
BB Dakota Wilton Faux Suede Leggings • $95
Women’s Lysse High Waist Faux Suede Leggings • $58.80

FullSizeRender 31Alice and Olivia face bag – I love a good novelty bag, and think the more personality the better. When I found this Stace face bag I feel in love because a) the darling vintage shape and b) it looks like me in a bag, so yeah, obsessed. I never thought I would wear it as much as I did, but I found a way to wear it with almost everything!FullSizeRender 51FullSizeRender 14shop stace face pieces:

alice + olivia ‘Stace Face’ glitter leather crossbody wallet • $280
Alice + Olivia Stace Face Card Case • $56
Alice + Olivia Stace Face Large Leather Clutch • $395
Alice + Olivia Stace Wedge • $219.99
Alice + Olivia Stace Face Embellished Merino-Wool Sweater • $330
Alice + Olivia Large Stace Face T-shirt • $145
Alice + Olivia – Winking Stace Face Card Case Credit card Wallet • $95
Alice + Olivia – Stace Face Phone Shoulder Bag Handbags • $198
Alice + Olivia – Stace Face Glitter Card Case Credit card Wallet • $95
Alice + Olivia – Stace Face Glitter Long Wallet Crossbody Cross Body Handbags • $295

FullSizeRender 43Pretzel Purse – I hate to play favorites, but I think she’s my favorite purchase of 2016. If you followed along over summer, you know I wore a my pretzel nonstop from spring to fall, and I’m not at all sorry about it. I’m counting down the days until summer hits so I can dust her off again.FullSizeRender 47FullSizeRender 17

shop pretzel purses & other fun novelty purses:

MILLY Constructed Rainbow Clutch • $295
Patricia Chang Pretzel Cross Body Bag • $325
kate spade new york Whimsies Fun Balloon Leather Clutch • $298
Kate Spade New York Triceratops Cross Body Bag • $378
Judith Leiber Hot Air Balloon Box Bag • $4,695
Whimsies unicorn balloon clutch • $498
Kate Spade New York Imagination Toothy Monster Shoulder Bag, Multi • $378
Lulu Guinness White Leather Marcie Hands Bag • $480
Minnie mouse minnie maise • $258

FullSizeRender 35White Dress – and yet another Europe purchase, was this white eyelet dress. To be honest, I probably wore it thirty times this summer, and that’s not even an exaggeration. It became my go to for summer soirées, events, meetings, brunch, lunch, and everything in between. FullSizeRender 23

shop similar white dresses:

Self-Portrait Guipure lace peplum mini dress • $275.60
Alice + Olivia Karen Floral Lace Party Dress, Off White • $495
Doe & Rae White Lace Dress • $42
Alexis Lucia crocheted lace mini dress • $445.50
Spell magnolia mini dress • $215
Lurelly French Lace Dress • $400
Lucky Brand White Lace Dress • $85
boohoo Erin White Lace Dress • $16

FullSizeRender 33Pink Purse – I guess it was kind of a big year for purse purchases for me, but my biggest splurge was my Mansur Gavriel circle bag in pink and I don’t regret it one but. I had been saving up to splurge on a Chanel, but then life happened and I had to dip into my budget – so instead of cutting my losses I picked up this pink cutie! I wear her all the time with my suede pumps and other pretty pink purchases from 2016. FullSizeRender 44FullSizeRender 38

shop Mansur Gavriel and other fun circle bags:

Mansur Gavriel Soft Elegant Bag • $795
Mansur Gavriel – Circle Leather Tote – Claret • $1,095
Mansur Gavriel Calf Mini Mini Sun Bag • $545
Circle Purse in Sea Glass • $116.99
Disenia Gray Circle Bag • $232
Mansur Gavriel Navy Leather Circle Bag • $1,095
Mansur Gavriel Elegant Patent Leather Tote • $695
MANSUR GAVRIEL Pink-lined Mini Mini leather bucket bag • $475
Mansur Gavriel Soft Elegant Bag • $795

Artis Brush – If you’ve followed along for a while, you know I’m not a big make up girl. But I did try those new artis brushes this year and now I’m a fan! I love that you literally don’t have to blend with them, it’s just one swipe and bam – instant makeup!FullSizeRender 16

shop artist brushes and other must have makeup products:

Artis Brush – Elite Smoke 5 Brush Set – Dark gray • $165
MAC ‘Warm Neutral Times 15’ Eyeshadow Palette – Warm Neutral • $65
Artis Brush – Elite Mirror Palm Brush – one size • $65
Urban Decay ‘Naked’ Palette – Naked Palette • $54
Artis Fluenta Oval 7 Brush • $70
MAC MAC Studio Quiktrik Stick – A Latte Sheen/ Semi-Sweet • $32

FullSizeRender 41Off the Shoulder Swim Suit – I love my body. I’m not super skinny, I have curves, big arms, big hips and embrace all of the above! I had a lot of fun, tropical vacations in 2016, so naturally I needed a killer swim collection. Two of my favorite suites were off the shoulder pieces, both bikini’s and one pieces alike.FullSizeRender 60FullSizeRender 7

shop off the shoulder swim suits:

Karla Colletto Swim Josephine Off-the-Shoulder One-Piece Maillot Swimsuit • $311
6 Shore Road Wanderlust Bow Cut Out Swimsuit • $98
Splendid Stitch Solid Off Shoulder Bandeau • $84
Trina Turk Gypsy Off-the-Shoulder Bandeau Swim Top • $80
Lost Ink Lost ink Ruffle Off The Shoulder Bikini Top • $37
Italian Solid Swim Sirolo Ruffle Bandeau Top • $100
Marysia Santa Barbara One-Shoulder Swim Top, Black • $143
Kris Swim Tankini Top • $118
Jessica Simpson Ruffled Up Cut Out One Piece Swimsuit 8145297 • $69.95
Milly Sirolo Italian Solid Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Swim Top • $100
Tory Burch Swim Bay Ruffle One-Piece Swimsuit • $250
Marysia – Santa Barbara Maillot Women’s Swimsuits One Piece • $334
Josephine Off-The-Shoulder Maillot • $311

FullSizeRender 12Flirting Back Pack – I promise, I purchased a few things “just because” in 2016  instead of only purchasing things for trips, but ultimately my favorite pieces started out as “Japan pieces” or “shoes for Europe” and this backpack was no exception. I had been eyeing it forever, and knew I would need something cute (and fun) for Japan since I was traveling without Paris and therefore responsible for all of my own gear. I wore it daily in Japan, in Europe, and on every single trip I ever took throughout the rest of the year. It’s probably the most used piece of 2016!FullSizeRender 29

shop darling backpacks:

Chiara Ferragni ‘Flirting’ glitter backpack • $279.02
Backpack Handbag Woman Chiara Ferragni • $233
Lulu Guinness Women’s Anna Doll Face Backpack Multi • $108.04
Medium Flirting Faux Leather Backpack • $686
MINI CREAM Angry Face faux-fur backpack • $105
FENDI Bag Bugs nylon and fur backpack • $2,450
Small Daisy Faux Leather Backpack • $686

FullSizeRender 40Bag Stickers – a year or so ago I become obsessed with the handbag sticker trend, as popularized by Anya Hindmarch. I was browsing shopbop one day (because I had a gift card) and found these cute bag stickers, perfect for adding some flair to your leather bag to give it a whole new look.FullSizeRender 25

shop leather stickers:

Anya Hindmarch Victory Leather Sticker for Handbag, White • $75
MICHAEL Michael Kors Stick To Glamour Stickers • $56.25
Anya Hindmarch Smiley Face Leather Sticker for Handbag, Mustard • $70
ANYA HINDMARCH Victory shoulder strap • $370
ANYA HINDMARCH All Over Stickers mini leather backpack • $1,128
Anya Hindmarch Fried Egg Leather Sticker for Handbag, Chalk • $75
MICHAEL Michael Kors Just Add Aviators Sticker • $11.25
MICHAEL Michael Kors Wink Wink Backpack Sticker • $9
Anya Hindmarch Ouch Bandage Sticker for Handbag, Gold • $75
Carte Blanche Monkey Sticker • $10
Anya Hindmarch Ebury Leather Sticker Satchel • $2,500
Anya Hindmarch Coated Leather Eye Sticker • $79
Anya Hindmarch Frosties Leather Sticker for Handbag, Orange/White • $75
Anya Hindmarch “B” Leather Sticker for Handbag • $55
Anya Hindmarch “Pointing In” Leather Sticker for Handbag • $75

High Waist Button Front Jeans – You can’t go wrong with a good pair of jeans, and this year I invested in two perfect high waisted pairs with a button front. One with a cropped, bootleg and another with a straight skinny leg. Finding jeans for me is tough, so whenever I find a pair that works (they’re almost always high waisted) I jump on it!FullSizeRender 15

– – –

shop my 16 favs:FullSizeRender 46FullSizeRender 58FullSizeRender 53FullSizeRender 21FullSizeRender 59FullSizeRender 32

Work out chic

12th January 2017

Untitled 3If your new years resolution is to get in shape, you’re not alone. Almost everyone tries to loose weight, get in shape or be more athletic.

The only thing that can get me to the gym and motivate me to get moving is cute work out gear, so today I’m sharing a round up of some cute (and colorful) gear that will get you motivated to get to the gym!

1Shop Leggings:

Women’s Zella ‘Live In – Bold Blocked’ Slim Fit Leggings • Zella • $65
Women’s Zella ‘Premier’ Mesh Inset Leggings • Zella • $35.40
Women’s Nike Leg-A-See Aop Print Leggings • Nike • $50
Women’s Free People Elena Leggings • Free People • $85.76
Women’s Onzie Mesh Inset Leggings • $78
Women’s Nike ‘Pro Hyperwarm Fade’ Dri-Fit Tights • Nike • $46.90–70
Women’s Koral Lustrous High Waist Leggings • Koral • $88
Women’s Free People ‘Spirit’ Colorblock Leggings • Free People • $65.66
Women’s Beyond Yoga High Waist Leggings • Beyond Yoga • $88
Women’s Free People High Waist Leggings • Free People • $98
Women’s Zella ‘Live In’ High Waist Leggings • Zella • $54–59
Women’s Zella Amour High Waist Crop Leggings • Zella • $65
Women’s Alo Moto Leggings • Alo • $110

Shop Tops / Jackets:

Women’s Adidas Down Jacket • adidas • $135
Women’s Puma Xtreme Crop Hoodie • Puma • $70
Women’s Adidas Originals Pharrell Williams Hu Track Jacket • adidas • $90
Women’s Lole Gali Tunic Hoodie • Lole • $90
Women’s Zella Cat Cowl Open Back Tee • Zella • $48
Women’s Zella ‘Pure Energy’ Seamless Bralette • Zella • $34
Women’s Adidas Originals Mock Neck Pullover • adidas • $70
Women’s Reebok Dance Sports Bra • Reebok • $50
Women’s Free People ‘Rama’ Layering Top • Free People • $68
Women’s Free People Second Skin Turtleneck • Free People • $78
Women’s Free People Hooded Top • Free People • $88
Women’s Free People ‘Infinity’ T-Back Sports Bra • Free People • $58
Women’s Kate Spade New York & Beyond Yoga Front Zip Jacket • Beyond Yoga • $119.93
Women’s Zella En Route Hoodie • Zella • $79
Women’s Zella Into Balance Jacket • Zella • $99

Shop Shoes:

Women’s Adidas Gazelle Sneaker • adidas • $79.95
Women’s Adidas ‘Superstar’ Sneaker • adidas • $79.95
Women’s Nike Roshe Two Se Sneaker • Nike • $100
Women’s Nike ‘Free Rn Distance’ Running Shoe • Nike • $120
Women’s Nike Air Zoom Structure 20 Running Shoe • Nike • $120
Women’s Nike ‘Air Presto’ Sneaker • Nike • $120
Women’s Nike ‘Air Max Thea’ Sneaker • Nike • $95

The sparkle spectrum

28th December 2016

img_2259With new years eve around the corner and the holidays coming to the end, here’s your last chance to go full on sparkle princess before we get back to black come January. I think that’s why I love the holidays so much, it’s not the gifts or the food (okay, maybe the food) but the fact that its the one time of the year that everyone gets on my glitter level… and “dresses up” by wears things that I would normally wear on a Wednesday. But I’m crazy, and you know that.img_2267

Anyways, today we’re talking about the sparkle spectrum where I share three NYE inspired outfits that take you from zero to hero in the shimmer department. So you can choose to be simple (yet chic) or full blown unicorn for New Years Eve, and still look awesome either way.

Basically not Basic
0 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2266

Of all of the crazy colors, patterns and amount of glitter I wear, I always get the largest reaction when I wear black. I think its because it’s the unexpected choice for me, just like it is for a NYE outfit. This is the one night every girl will be wearing a glitter dress, glitter shoes (or both) so if you want to stand out, don’t. Go for a statement coat like this leopard one, cute shoes and a simple black dress. Top things off with a retro classic lip, and if you’re up for it a retro ride to show up to a party in style and steal the show.fullsizerender-4img_2264fullsizerender-5


A little pixie dust
3.3 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2211
If you aren’t quite ready to give up the glitter, try a LBD and sparkly shoes. I’m rounding up my favs for you below:

Or for something a little more unexpected, try an androgynous look by pairing a femme tux with either sparkly heels or sneakers. See some favorite suggestions below:

Party Pants
5.9 on the Sparkle Spectrumfullsizerender
A little sparkle goes a long way. You can just pick one sequin piece and it will really transform a look, especially when you pair it with another luxe fabric. I took a simple look – oversized sweater, leggings and pumps, and made it NYE ready by pairing switching the leggings for sequin pants and the heels for velvet pumps! You’re sure to wow (and be comfortable) in a look like this, plus you’ll be able to dance (and eat) the night away without fear #winning.fullsizerender-2fullsizerender-7fullsizerender-6fullsizerender-8

Shimmer, Shimmer
7.6 on the Sparkle Spectrum
Since NYE is the time to shine, you might want to double up on the glitz and glam with two sparkle pieces – a statement shoe and a sparkly top make the perfect combo!
For your not-sparkle piece, can dress down the shimmer with jeans or go full blown holiday with luxe fabrics like silk, satin or velvet.

Step one: Pick your sparkle top:

Step two: Find your statement sole mates:

Step three: Finish with a neutralizing piece to complete the look and compliment your shine.

Mythical Creature
9.9 on the Sparkle Spectrumimg_2260
Channel you’re inner unicorn and dip yourself in glitter for a full glitz look. Sparkle shoes with a feather pom will let you walk on air, while you twirl into the party as the star of the night with a shimmery mermaid gown. Heads will turn, faces will smile and you’ll be the queen of NYE… bow down!img_2263img_2262img_2261

Hope you liked this round up of NYE styles. Most of these styles are available with expiated shipping if you upgrade or free two day if you have amazon prime so you can get them in time for New Years Eve!fullsizerender-3