Paintball Party!

26th September 2015

IMG_7455GUYS ! Something so crazy happened to my simple white dress on my way to the Cynthia Rowley Fashion Week Presentation – you’re not going to BELIEVE IT!IMG_7487IMG_7503IMG_7535

        SO I was wearing a super cute lwd (YUP, after labor day, because rules = BOR-RING!!!) when all of a sudden I stumbled upon a super epic paint ball fight between two rival paint ball gangs in the west village! I was simultaneously ATTACKED by the pastel paint ballers and their rival counterparts, the paint the town red-ders (yeah I know, that name is kind of a stretch, they should totally get their act together…). I had no choice but to join in the fun and in the process got COVERED in paint ball paint, totally ruining my dress … or so I thought…IMG_7461IMG_7604

Truth is, I loved the end result and ended up rocking my pain-ball-dress to Cynthia Rowley and could’t be happier about it – okay, real truth is that I bought this pretty amazing paint ball dress as is and there is no such thing as rival paintball gangs that terrorize the streets of new york city, but I think you knew that. Anyways, it’s sometimes super fun to make up a crazy story that goes with outfits because WHY NOT :)IMG_7516IMG_7521

Dress || Shoes || Clutch || Bangle || LipIMG_7473

12 thoughts on “Paintball Party!

  1. Diane

    Wow…is this really located in New York ? The street is so adorable and looks like a small village. I didn’t know New York had pavement streets, I though all were concrete-like. Anyway this is fantastic. It could be a Woody Allen set.

    By the way, I have an adoration for your blog. I am a parisian based frenchgirl and your style is a breathe of fresh air ! There’s no many people like you around ! It really helps keeping me inspired.

    See you soon (on your blog!)


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