Party Pants for NYE – 2 ways to wear

29th December 2015

IMG_5263It’s no secret that I’m not much of a pants wearer – I mean come on, why would I step into jeans when I can twirl my way through life in full skirts and dresses? #duh. But when the temps drop (even in warmer areas like Arizona where I’m currently residing for the holidays) sometimes it’s best to step into pants for NYE. Oh and if you do choose to wear pants for NYE you’ll totally stand out in the best way possible!  IMG_5174

So today I’m sharing two NYE looks featuring pants – one dressy and one casual for whatever you’re getting into on NYE.IMG_5136

Dressy, Dressy – It’s super fun to get dressed up for NYE but instead of pulling on a party dress, i opted for sequin pants and sassy stilettos for an unexpected dressy look!IMG_5143

The TRUTH about sequin pants.
Okay guys, if you follow lots of bloggers/instagrammers like me you’ve seen SO MANY sequin pants/leggings for NYE – the other thing I see is lots of skinny legs (no judgement, I think it’s awesome if you have skinny legs – but I don’t lol). So instead of telling you how awesome sequin pants are (and they are) I thought i would tell you the TRUTH about wearing sequin pants, because it’s not all sparkles and rainbows – it’s hard work!IMG_5180

If you have sequin pants but no thigh gap in sight (guilty and proud) then wearing these sequined pretties might not be such a picnic – your thighs WILL stick together and get caught on each the sequins… it’s gonna happen. You’ll be walking along and all of a sudden BAM you’re stuck, you almost trip and you have to awkwardly unhook yourself before anyone notices. LOL lucky for me I don’t mind and I think its kind of funny but I thought you should know what you’re getting into! The good thing is, they aren’t itchy, they are fully lined and actually comfortable! Plus they have an elastic waist band perfect for the girl who wants to have it all and eat it all two … #me.IMG_5159

Keep it Casual – I’m much more of a home body, I take cookies, video games and dance parties in my apartment over a night out on the town any day #sorryImlame … now you know!IMG_5234

For this look I kept things casual yet festive by pairing an oversized sequin cardigan with high waisted jeans some glittery keds!IMG_5212IMG_5247

This outfit is perfect for a NYE like I usually have, getting dinner or ordering in with friends, playing board games and eating your weight in dessert while watching the ball drop on the TV! I know its not as sparkly as a usual New Years Eve, but I always have more fun staying in with my favorite people instead of stepping out with a bunch of strangers, it’s just a personal preference 🙂IMG_5233

IMG_5197Dressy Look 1: Pants || Top || Clutch || Heels

IMG_5210Casual Look 2:  Jeans || Cardigan || Bag || Sneaks 

What are you doing NYE? Oh and what are you wearing?

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  1. Sophia

    Hi Girlie – its been a while!

    Totally in love with this post and cant get over those gold sequin tennis shoes – I MUST HAVE THEM !

    My New Years will be spent here in Dubai dancing the night away xx

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