Pineapples, Please!

20th July 2015

IMG_3740Once upon a time I thought I was maybe a little to chubby to wear this outfit (the black&white one with the white skirt). But then I ate a donut and got over it because hey, being slightly chubby is totally in style right now (because I said so) and who am I to resist a trend?IMG_3734

Oh and you know what’s also totally trending (again) PINEAPPLES! So this post is about being chubby, oh just kidding this post is about pineapples (there we go) and also being chubby because pineapples are the new whatever print was popular before pineapples? and “kind of chubby” is the black (And I know I say everything is the new black but its because it is… duh! so don’t loose faith in me just yet!!! 😉 )IMG_3736IMG_3773

Pineapples are awesome! Fun to wear, fun to eat, but mostly wear cause they kind of make my throat scratchy… Am I allergic? hope not. Sorry – focus. But I’m totally obsessed with pineapple prints for summer. They are a fun whimsical way to dress up a tote or a shoe! I’ve been rocking them non stop for a few months now and finally decided to share with you why. Pineapples are awesome… that’s why.

IMG_9954My striped pineapple tote is my tote-ally favorite piece of the summer (did you see what I did there, tote-ally? piece? well maybe that would have been witty if I didn’t feel the need to break and down and brag about it lolz sorrrry). It looks SO CUTE with a little white dress, like here & here or with some crazy colors, like here or here. Anyways its on super sale right now so you have no excuse to indulge, get the look here. IMG_4044IMG_4057I’m also super into these darling pineapple earrings from three jane, the pineapple is in the back, and the back of the earring, so it’s like business in the front and a pineapple party in the back, uhm AWESOME! get them here


SHOES – Asos Pineapple Heels (under $100)
TOP – She Inside Black & White Stripe Off The Shoulder Top (only $8!)
SKIRT – Asos White Mini Skirt (only $18)
BAG – Kate Spade Straw Bow Maise Bag (on sale & under $200)
ARM PARTY – Kate Spade Goreski Glasses Bangle (Under $100) // Bauble Bar Bangles
LIPS – Lady Danger by Mac – My summer fav! 

So if you too think you’re a little too chubby for something, first of all slap yourself and second of all embrace the chub! Love handles are fun and cellulite is awesome, okay, not really but love handles are okay and so is cellulite, I promise! If you want to change your body I totally support that, but if you want to skip the gym one night and eat a donut (or two) I totally support that too! The only thing I won’t tolerate is body shaming of yourself or anyone else because that’s just not cool and you’re pretty awesome as is, I promise.IMG_3704

12 thoughts on “Pineapples, Please!

  1. emily dong

    Love the shoes so much! Little suggestion: I think a fuschia or pink lip would go great with this look!

    Love you and your snaps! They’re so funny!!
    – Emily

  2. Emma

    Hey girl!
    I absolutely love this post! I saw that skirt and just bought it on a whim 5 minutes ago because I’ve been looking for a white mini for forever. This would be my first purchase from Asos, and I was wondering what the sizing on this skirt is like. Apparently the model wears the size I ordered and I’m kind of second guessing myself now. Is the skirt true to size?
    Pursuit of Prep

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