Hot Pink Jumpsuit

8th June 2017

IMG_8068Hello hot pink!  IMG_8069    I love wearing an obnoxious color, because everyone stops and stares. It’s not always for the right reasons, some people are thinking “I would never wear that color” but most people are into it … and hey even if they aren’t I feel awesome in it, and that is all that matters!

Today I’m talking about one of my favorite hot pink pieces, this darling ruffled jump suit that I can’t get enough of. In this post – I’ll share 3 reasons why you need it in your wardrobe AND share my favorite East Village brunch spot! So get ready because this post is jam packed!IMG_8067

Three Reasons why you need this jump suit, or something hot pink in your wardrobe!

1 – Its the easiest outfit ever! You don’t need to accessorize, just pull it on and you’re out the door. Mine is slightly too big so I added a belt and a rainbow clutch to finish the look, but honestly the jump suit doesn’t need much to complete a look.

2 – It makes a serious statement, and an even better ice breaker – I wore this hot pink pretty to a dinner to a blogger dinner a while back. Every girl was wearing neutrals and I stood out in my obnoxiously pink outfits – but thats what I wanted! At an event like that, everyone is already well dressed so I had to bring some color to help me stand out from the crowd.

3 – Its comfortable! Have you ever been out to dinner or on a date and suddenly (after too much pasta) your jeans don’t feel right! Well you’ll never have that problem with this jump suit, because its so comfortable that it’s basically pajamas!IMG_8074IMG_8070

So I do love this jumpsuit but the fit isn’t perfect. I bought a tall size on accident and being that I’m 5 feet tall, that wasn’t wise. As you can see the suit is a little long. I ended up getting it tailored at the waist and the hem after these photos we’re taken, but wanted to show it for you as is incase you wanted to purchase.


Finally, you can see I’m rocking a little post brunch pooch in these photos because we had just eaten at Sweet Chick in the LES! I had the biscuits and gravy and maple bacon (only available on weekend brunch- but the mac and cheese and chicken and waffles are also rave worthy! If you’re in the area give it a try – but be prepared to wait a bit, usually about 45 min unless you come after 3pm!


Ruffle Jumpsuit with Culotte Leg • $79
Tall ASOS TALL Ruffle Jumpsuit with Culotte Leg • $79
Satin Jumpsuit with Assymetric Ruffle • $111
Leather belt with pearl Double G • $650
Constructed Rainbow Clutch • $295
The Perry Slip-On Leather Mules • $149


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  1. Daniellebuch

    This is such a great color!! Obviously every color looks awesome on you but this is so fun!! I love he ruffles they are super cute! ❤️

    Keep Sparkling✨
    Sparkling Southerner

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