Pink on Pink

19th July 2017

IMG_2662Hey cuties!

I hope you liked yesterdays look at some of our time at coney island, today I’m sharing another look with a vintage twist, literally!IMG_2661IMG_2657IMG_2654

I’m a creature of habit, so I’m drawn to matchy matchy pieces, often by accident. I found myself with pink stripes shorts and a pink stripe button up shirt, and thought why not pair them together!

Everyone thought it was a romper, which was kind of fun, but I love that I can also wear these shorts with a white off the shoulder top or fun yellow swim suit!

Before I share the details on this look, I wanted to talk a little bit about short shorts. Shorts are something I stopped wearing in college – when my body changed a bit, I got curvier heavier and more like my normal size that you see today. Growing up I was a competitive dancer and super active, so I was kind of always skinny by default. When I stopped, by body changed and I was ashamed of my bigger legs, thighs and tush!


In the last 4 years, I’ve gotten over it. I’ve learned to love my body as is, because it’s the only one I have. I don’t like to preach about body confidence, because it becomes a little bit well, preachy. I just want to help inspire others to be able to rock their bod as is without judgement. 

My best time for getting over an insecurity, is to pair it with something you’re proud of. So while I was insecure about my legs, I did like my small waist and love for color – so instead of wearing normal jean shorts, I opted for striped high waisted ones that are fun and a little bit more me, while highlighting my smallest point! These photos we’re taken after a full day of eating at coney island, so the small waist thing isn’t really working for me here ha, but I felt confident enough to rock the look all day without shame – and thats all I can hope for you guys. I promise ife is so much better when you can learn to love your body. And if I can do it, you can too!

I’m Wearing
Stripe top // stripe shorts // hat
shop similar pink rompers to get the look belowIMG_2659

2 thoughts on “Pink on Pink

  1. Nursen

    Super cute outfit! Do the shorts feel comfortable physically? I’d like to wear shorts but with my thick thighs, they bunch up awkwardly so I feel mentally and physically uncomfortable…. #chubrub 🙁

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