Playfull Basics

4th October 2016

img_5609Most “normal” people feel their most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but not me! You all know I’m far from the norm!img_5613img_5603I’m my most comfortable and confident self when I’m all dressed up, and actually only feel insecure about my outfits when I’m dressed down. I think it’s easy to feel pretty when you’re wearing something that stands out, but when you’re in your basic clothes, your sparkle has to come from within. When you’re wearing the right things underneath your clothes, it’s easy to exude your true essence and really shine.


Today I’m wearing a simpler look than you’re used to seeing here – no crop tops, no feathers, no polka dots, just me! I found the cutest twist on a white button up, where these fun patches give it a “courtney” twist. Underneath, I’m wearing the world’s best bra – a Hanes ComfortFlex fit Bra that’s both breathable and comfortable for long term wear. This black bra has become my absolute favorite bra, like ever and I even find myself wearing it around the house when I would usually go bra-less ! It has great coverage, making me feel so comfortable that I left my top somewhat unbuttoned for an effortlessly cool look.


Speaking of cool, I’m also wearing Hanes Cool Comfort Underwear that have the same comfydent results as it’s BBF (best bra friend). They’re the perfect pair under your favorite denim shorts! With fall around the corner, I find myself wanting to wear warmer things before the weather is ready, so cool comfort undergarments are a must for keeping me cool when I’m jumping the gun!


I love that this look can be dressed up with a statement shoe or dressed down with converse – either way it’s the perfect representation of Courtney “off duty” – comfortable, confident with a dash of chic. I love that my Hanes pieces made me confident enough to bring a little bit of unexpected sex appeal with the exposed bra, something that you usually wouldn’t see from me. The playful accessories, bold lip, and patchwork top help you remember who I really am – colorful yet classic with a sense of whimsy! I hope this look inspired you to dress outside the lines a bit and switch up your routine


Thanks to Hanes and for partnering on this post, as always – all opinions are my own!

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  1. Jasmine

    This is such a gorgeous look! I love the twist on white button down shirts here! This would be so my style!!!

    Jasmine :)

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