Poppy Vintage

20th August 2014

Red has somehow become my signature color. It started with my go-to red lipstick and spread like wildfire throughout my wardrobe… but I can’t say I am mad about it.

I’ve gabbed about my affinity for a vintage find before (remember this post) and am doing it again today. I can’t help it, I just love vintage goodies so dang much #sorrynotsorry Adding something vintage to your wardrobe can be the perfect way to add a special splash to your closet – who doesn’t love having something that no one else does?!
When I saw this poppy printed vintage skirt I was instantly smitten. I love the silky printed fabric and the shape is so unique and different – all great qualities for a vintage find. It’s from thrftwares (just like my go-to summer romper) which is quickly becoming my go-to for online vintage shopping – I’m just crazy about everything they have to offer! At first sight I thought I might be too curvy for the shape, a teared pencil skirt with scalloped pleats is not usually my friend, but I gave it a whirl anyways and actually learned a little something – don’t worry, of course I will share.
If you too fear a pencil skirt and dread making your hips look bigger with slim fit scallops here’s how to  fight off your fright:
1) It’s all about the length:
make sure you pick a pencil that hits right at or below the knee. As a girl with no legs I generally avoid this length, but it actually elongates your body creating the illusion of a slimmer tummy and hips, buh-bye trouble spots! I added another layer of proportion play by pairing it with a sassy off the shoulder crop top where the off-the-shoulder-ness and smidge of midriff trick your eye into giving you an even tinnier tummy – yes please!
2) high waisted, hayyy:
a hight waisted skirt is your new bff, pulling you in at your tiniest point before hugging your hips draws the eye to your little waist without emphasizing your less tiny places 😉
3) Say yes to pattern:
Pattern and color don’t hurt your hips, they actually help hide them! We usually stray away from bright colors and patterns in trouble areas because we are afraid they make us look bigger — sooo false. Wearing a printed piece helps distracts from any minor belly, hip or trouble areas on your body. The playful pattern will be all they see, and you of course, looking fab!
Wearing mostly vintage:
Vintage poppy skirt c/o thriftwares (my new online vintage fav)
Off the shoulder Asos crop top (not vintage) – similar here, here & more here
Moschino red lip clutch (vintage) (similar here, here and here)
Christian Louboutins resale via Crossroads
Jewels c/o Armed & Readi
P.S. Don’t you love my jewels? I am wearing all pieces from Armed & Readi’s new collection, shh! I’m also working on a super fun collab with them that I cannot wait to share with you! Until then, stock up on your favs here.

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