Positive Vibes Only

10th July 2015

IMG_2774Don’t kill my vibes.dfagag

In case you haven’t noticed, were allllll about positive here! Positive. Vibes. Only !IMG_2772

But positive vibes only? That’s easier said than done right? Sometimes it’s hard to look on the bright side of life when it’s raining and you can’t catch a cab, someone posts a not so nice comment on your latest photo or you get mugged/your purse stolen in the east village or you come home and your dog looks at you like, “sorry mom, I couldn’t hold it”. All of these small things have happened to me, sometimes multiple ones in a day which is always real Fun! And sometimes much bigger, really negative things happen too.aeggre

But no matter what’s going on with you, you ultimately have control over your mood. If you give people the power to upset you, then they can upset you but if you surround yourself with positive people, things and vibes things will be a whole lot brighter.FeullSizeRender

Sometimes something small like putting positively worded t shirt can totally lift you up! I love the Tees from T & J designs because the exude positive vibes and serious energy! Oh and they are so dang cute!!! Honestly, it totally works! I was working late on a project and my computer crashed and I lost all of the work I had done. It was now 2AM, I was out of rootbeer (tear) and I had to start from scratch, instead of throwing a tantrum, I (and I’m not kidding here) put on this tee and literally had a mini dance party, in my apartment, and 2AM before starting over. It totally lifted my spirits and helped get me through the next two hours.

Not everyday is sunshine and roses but I try to keep my spirits up and not swear the small stuff. In the end no matter what’s going on, life goes on and thins get better, just keep smiling, shake it off (shake it off, off, off) and keep it moving 🙂 My advise? find something that makes you laugh, like that one time Paris ran into a glass door at DQ (literally the best moment of my life) and think of that time, its like keeping a little bit of sunshine with you on a cloudy day (cheesy, I know) something bad happens, I remember that time and BAM I’m laughing at Paris isn’t of crying about the ice cream cone I just dropped. Oh and If you ever need something to smile at check out my snap chat (xocourtneyquinn) because I’m usually making a fool of myself there, or send me a message! Happy to chat about life and hopefully lift your spirits 🙂ggfgfgafg

SHAKE IT OFF TEE – By T and J designs, shop it here
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dfgWishing you a bright, positively filled weekend with nothing but good vibes and serious sunshine, because you deserve it !!!

20 thoughts on “Positive Vibes Only

  1. Ruth

    Ahh I love your posts and positive vibe! Every time I’m feeling down I come to the blog 🙂 love the tees, may have to invest in a few x

  2. Anna

    LOVE all of these postive vibes and motivation to see past the negative! I’ve been struggling with this a bit myself lately – falling victim to the things not going the way I might want, other women who want to bring you down rather than lift up, etc. Great timing! Thanks for the extra nudge! XO


  3. Reagan

    I love LOVE that skirt! It looks great on you! And I am with you about the positive vibes! It makes a huge difference to be positive and happy! =) Thanks for sharing!



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