Postcards from Portofino (and a PSA for short girls)

6th June 2016

FullSizeRender 3This is a PSA for fun sized girls everywhere – you too can wear culottes!FullSizeRender 9

(please note this post takes place in Italia, so I expect all of you to be reading the next few paragraphs in the thickest of Italian accents. Doing so is mandatory, but hand gestures although encouraged, are optional. Thank you, or should I say GRACI! 😉 )FullSizeRender 12

Whats a gal to do when she has a day to spend en Italia exploring Rapallo, Santa Margarita, Portofino and everywhere in between? Dress the part of course because you know I love a good theme! VIVA ITALIA!FullSizeRender 13

I found these fun colored culottes when shopping for this trip and thought, why not! I’ve never been one to wear or even dare to try this style (I know my body and I know its restraints so a cropped pant never does me any favors, let along a wide leg one) but was feeling rather adventurous online and decided to add to cart. They came a few days later (yay Amazon Prime) and I kind of liked them, but was unsure what to wear them with or if they would even see daylight abroad. Nevertheless, I packed them up and escaped overseas with Princess CruisesFullSizeRender 6

During my trip across the Mediterranean with Princess Cruises, I started wearing this top on serious replay. I took it for a twirl while exploring Barcelona, wore it again when we went to hang with horses in Cartagena, and to dinner one night on the boat. So when I needed something to pair with these parachute pants I thought, hey if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and reached for this top for the third time (spoiler alert, I even wore it one more time in Italia! Sneak peek here)FullSizeRender 14

Shopping break!
Get the look: Cute Culottes

FullSizeRender 15

I figured IF I wore these culottes on my trip it would be with heels and a crop top to show a little belly and make myself look taller. I also figured I would rock a top knot for extra height and might have to skip dessert the night before (which is kind of crazy to do when the food is this good!). Well, none of that happened. The night before I doubled up on dessert (The Chocolate Journey creations are a must try) #oops, I wore my hair down, and ended up wearing these pants to hop from spot to spot in Italy (Portofino Rapallo and Santa Margarita) so flats were a must.IMG_5892

I wish I could tell you this is the most flattering outfit I’ve ever worn, but it’s not. Wearing oversized pants can be hard, and not to mention scary, especially if you’re under 5’1 (guilty!) and have to photograph your outfit lol – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try. I don’t necessarily look like Chanel Iman in this outfit (boo) but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t wear it, right?!FullSizeRender

This look is all about playing with proportion. Since the pants are so oversized, I kept it oversized up top as well but in a more fitted way (if that makes sense), by tucking the top into the extremely high waist. This helps to show off my smallest point and create drama on both ends. The ruffled nature of the off the shoulder top in combination with the bare shoulders and cinched waist all help to really create a shape despite the excess of fabric, making it so I can actually wear these aladdin pants without totally swimming in them.FullSizeRender 5

Don’t get me wrong, this look is still alllooot & very oversized, but just not in a “drowning in fabric” sort of way; so it’s something that short girls can pull off. I’m never going to be shaped like a model or as tall as some of the other bloggers who have nailed this trend, but I like to think that trends don’t have to discriminate to girls with different body types and that women of all sizes can give culottes a whirl!FullSizeRender 8

Color Me Cliff-notes
(a few things you should know about this look, if you read nothing else this post, read this)

I love that this top comes in both plus & regular sizes, yay! Also the fabric is to die for! I’m wearing a Size small)

These pants are extremely high waisted and so comfortable to wear! They start up under my rib cage and end right above the ankle and I’m 5’1 and  Wearing a size 2, im usually a size 0/2 in designer. 

These flats are calf hair and leather, super comfortable to wear and very light weight! I’m wearing a size 38, I’m usually a size 7.5!

The bag is actually a really cool feature from Furla where you can pop off the front flap and switch it out with different colors – so you can essentially just purchase the body in a solid color you like, and go crazy with front flap options!

Oh and If you like this look, you might just love this dress!FullSizeRender 2

Shop the Look:FullSizeRender 7
Fendi Ivory Cat-Eye Sunglasses • $350  // (look for less Vivian • $28 )
Milly Pleated-Front Italian Culottes, Flame • $375  Comes in black, white & Flame (pictured) // (look for less red Agathe Culottes • $282.50 // look for less here • $68)
Women’s Hinge Straw Boater Hat – Brown • $28  // (splurge version • $375)
Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody • $298  // Changeable front flaps //
(look for less here • $128)  // (look for less here • $75)
Off-The-Shoulder Flutter-Sleeve Crop Top • $66.99  // (plus size version here • $99 )
Ingrid Sandal • $108 (comes in more colors too)

FullSizeRender 4

Sound off!
Have you tried Culottes? or are you planning on doing so? If so share a link to an insta photo, blog post or any other image so I can see how you rocked the trend! You can also always tweet me photos!

FullSizeRender 10


Color Me Changes!

Not sure if you noticed, but this post is a new format, to usher in some of the changes that will be happening here at Color Me Courtney! Every post will be backed up the story behind the clothes, but if you don’t want to read the whole post and are only interested in the outfit (tear) – I’ll break down some of the highlights of the look in the “Color Me Cliff notes”. Plus I’ll continue to link to where everything is from, but I’ll also give you look for less versions or splurge versions of ever piece, so you can get my look with pieces for under $100 even if I choose to splurge! I’ll also have a Sound off Section where I ask you to join the party and share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section! I’m going to work really hard to respond to every single one! Anyways, I hope you like these new changes, it’s all to give you a better and brighter experience here at Color Me Courtney and to fulfill my promise to always deliver you affordable options despite how my wardrobe changes!

Thanks to Princess Cruises for sponsoring this adventure

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