Ringing in the Season

20th December 2015


20151214-IMG_3187Jewels, and glitz and glitter – Oh My!20151214-IMG_311320151214-IMG_3129

Today we’re having a jewel party to ring in the holiday season and all it’s glory! With festivities in full swing, there are so many things to celebrate, decorate and exaggerate – including your ring game. What’s your style? Crazy colorful? Edgy and Cool? Layered for days? All of the above? No matter what your go-to look is, you can translate that onto your ring style and let your fingers do the talking. To prove it to you, today I’ll share three different party looks layered in fine jewels by Fortunoff Jewelry!

All of the Colors20151214-IMG_317920151214-IMG_3191
It’s no secret I’m a sucker for bright. When it comes to color, I want all of them… and a little more! I like my rings like I like my sprinkles, in excess and seriously saturated! Fortunoff has one of the most amazing selections of colored jewels I’ve seen, try investing in a few favorite colors to wear with your solid silver or gold rings or taking a page out of my book and mixing your matches while experimenting with color! For my neutral gals that like to play things safe in the color department, bring rings is the perfect way to get your feet, eh hands wet without committing to a bright dress or bold lip! 

20151214-IMG_317120151214-IMG_3200 20151214-IMG_3178

Classic with a Twist20151214-IMG_3263 20151214-IMG_3319

You can’t beat the classics, well unless you mix them with the modern. Bringing new light into timeless rings by layering them together, pairing silver with gold and doubling up on statement styles is a sure way to make an impact this season. I love that all of these jewels (and everything at Fortunoff) are strong enough to be worn on their own, but awesome when paired seamlessly with other styles! 

Mix and Metal! 20151214-IMG_3048 20151214-IMG_3018
Mixing metals is a total game changer – why pick one shiny pretty when I could wear them all? I found SO MANY magically metallic rings A la Fortunoff, that spoke to me. I’ve never been much of an edgy gall, but I love that the mix of metals gives off a cooler vibe! The mixing didn’t stop at metals, I added in some sparkly pieces, classic rings and fashion forward styles to create a more is more holiday look! 



 Ring Deets:
Silver Wrap || Diamond Knot || Scalloped Diamond Band || Diamond Braided
Criss Cross || Overlapping Strand || Black and White Diamond || Multi Gold || Pave Pink
Pave Yellow || Pave Blue || Pave Sapphire Eternity || Sapphire || Ruby || Emerald
Rope Design || Flat Band || Gemstone Rings || Gold Rings

Fortunoff Jewels is a darling jewelry boutique shop located on Long Island and available online – pop by their store or shop their site to frost yourself (or someone special) this season 😉
Thanks for Fortunoff for Partnering on this Post!


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