Say Yes To Sprinkles

29th October 2016

fullsizerender-5As we head into the last few days before halloween, I wanted to share one last super easy DIY costume.

If you follow me on instagram, you may notice the hashtag I created #sayyestosprinkles – it’s a fun-tastic feed full of sweet treats! I used my hashtag as the inspiration for two sprinkle DIY costumes!fullsizerender-14fullsizerender-12

#SayYesToSprinkles (for the non-crafter)
The first look is super easy – and requires very little crafting.fullsizerender-11fullsizerender-9

You’ll Need:
– A headband
– Sprinkles (I got two sizes, traditional & circle)
– Sprinkle colored clothes
– Colored hair pins (I got mine on Amazon, but find them any hair store or something like a Claire’s)
– Mini Popsicle sticks (ordered mine on Amazon, but get them at a craft store)
– Spray mount or hot glue
– Sticky Velcro
-Eyelash Glue
– Nail Glue

The How-to:
This costume is seriously so easy! Use the hair pins to attach to your outfit and shoes, depending on the bag you use, you can do the same. I added sticky Velcro to the back of my popsicle sticks (they came pre-painted) and stuck them on my bag, I used the extra and attached them together to create a ring. To create a headband, I used spray mount and sprinkles – but hot glue would work too.

For both looks I glued sprinkles on my face with eyelash glue for easy removal, and used real sprinkles on my nails with nail glue! They’re cute but not super functional so I would only recommend wearing them for your costume.

#SayYesToSprinkles … Again!fullsizerender-3
This one has a little bit more “crafting” involved but is still crazy easy.
You’ll Need:
– Shift dress (mine is Studio DIY)
– Colored popsicle sticks
– Sticky Velcro
– Eyelash & nail glue
– Sprinkles
– An old clutch
– Old Snekers
– Party Hat
– Spray mount or hot glue
-Sticky Feltfullsizerender-6fullsizerender-7

The How To:
This look takes maybe 30 min more work than the first, but is still a quick and easy DIY. Start by adding sticky Velcro to the back of the popsicle sticks and add them to the dress. Then you can create your sprinkle accessories – I rolled a party hat in brown sticky felt, then layered stripes of white felt over the top before dipping the tip in spray mount and covering it in sprinkles. fullsizerender-13

Use spray mount and painters tape to cover the old clutch, shoes & ring in sprinkle – just make sure you tape off the seconds you don’t want sprinkled before you dip your accessories.

And Viola! There you have sprinkled DIY costume-ness thats both easy and fun!


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