Splash from the Past: Pool Party

7th June 2012

For our third and final splash from the past post, we are turning poolside looks into party worthy outfits! The girl on the go doesn’t slow down during the summer. Instead her days are packed with non stop summer festivities! Her afternoon may start with a day at the beach or lounging by the pool, […]

Splash from the Past: Accessories

7th June 2012

welcome back for another splash from the past post! yesterday we did some shopping for retro swimwear looks and today is all about accessories!  Some people think that you don’t need to accessorize a swim suit, wrong! Every swimsuit provides an opportunity to finish the look with complimentary accessories! if your suit is classic or […]

Splash from the Past: Swim Shop

5th June 2012

Summer’s here and that means swimsuit season is upon us!So this week is all about retro swimwear looks, as inspired by a reader request from the fabulous Jordan! Today is all about finding you the perfect retro bathing suit! So come on in, the waters fine! One piece bathing suits are often overlooked, but can […]