Apr 8 2015

Seven things you need for Spring

The secret’s out, Shop Bop is having a serious sale (score) so to celebrate, I’ll be sharing my top spring picks that are currently 25% off  until 4/9 (use the code SPRING25) … oh and just to make things interesting (and probably make you hate me) I’m going to use as many words that start with “s” as I possible can, ready, set, go!

Hold up, before we get started there are ALOT of links of this post that will take you directly to everything your spring closet needs (yay), click on the image of the link will take you directly there – booya. Plus all the links will open in a new tab sooo you can click away, and then keep on reading! Once you’re done, everything you loved from this post will be in the tabs up top – oh heck yeah, now let’s do this thing!


Distressed Jeans

Oh ripped jeans, the trend your mom totally hates but you boyfriend is kind of crazy about that just wont seem to go away – and I can’t say I’m mad about it… like, at all.

Sassy Swimwear

To make a serious splash this Spring & all Summer long in show-stopping swimwear, just don’t forget the sun screen lobster red skin is sooo last season.

A Where-Everyday Bag… or two

For spring bags, you need something neutral and new to wear the crap out of all Summer. Here’s one of the only times you can go big (with a spurge) or home (with something surpizingly affordable) or if you really want to live life on the edge, and potentially blow your bank account, why not try both?

Serious Stripes

I’m not even going to apologize for my stripe addiction, it’s real clear that I have issues… and now so can you. For spring, you have to try them with something floral, striped bag + floral dress, floral tee + striped shoes or any other crazy cute combo … seriously, give it a whirl – I know you’ll look fab!

Standout Sandals

Ladies, it’s time for a pedicure (and sadly, time to start shaving again … please tell me I’m not the only one who gives that up for winter… and sometimes Fall too, whooops!) show off those toesies with some suh-weet sandal action.

Spot On

Like stripes, I wear spots on replay all year long, but especially come Spring. Here’s another opportunity to pattern mix, try spots with my go-to stripes, more floral prints or even a fun gingham print!  To keep from looking crazy, keep to a color scheme like white floral tee with a white & blue polka dot tee or black & white spots with white & black stripes.

Going Graphic

Hmm, what does one wear with a cool graphic tee? oh I know, everything. Wear your heart on your sleeve (errr, chest) and show the world how you really feel (or how awesome you are) with a graphic tee to pair with your new fav distressed jeans, midi skirts, sporty slides, over swimwear or under overalls!

Honorable Mentions

All though these styles didn’t make the top seven, they should still totally be on your spring radar, and potentially your want list this season:
Crop Tops || Midi Skirts || Sporty Slides || Bucket Bags ||Big Sunnies
Off the Shoulder || Day Clutches || Skorts (yeah, they’re never going away… like never)

So stop by ShopBop & get shopping!!! Oh and while you’re at it, why dontcha pick up something for me (and waffles too) 😉


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  2. Olivia says:

    LOVE this post!! These are definitely essentials for the season!!!

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