Off The Shoulder Swim

2nd August 2017

IMG_4823I’m all about an off the shoulder swimsuit … even when it’s worn out of the water!FullSizeRenderWearing: Yellow Off The Shoulder Swim Suit • $58  || Stripe Skirt • $495
 Look for less skirts:  $12 $78  || Basket Bag • $345  (Look for less basket bag • $42 )
Red Heels • $39.99  || White Sunglasses • $14 

Today I’m sharing two times I styled a swimsuit as a bodysuit, and why I love off the shoulder stuff for swim so much! Plus I’ll round up some of my favorites in all price points – lets do this! 

It can be hard to feel comfortable in your own skin when you start to swim. No matter how much you love your body or how confident you are in it, stripping down to a swimsuit is always a little bit awkward. That is why it is soooo important to find a suit that’s flattering, fun and that you just love, because it will really help the process. That’s how I feel about off the shoulder suits, they really help me feel like my best swim self! I’m not sure if its the off the shoulder styling or the flirty details of this suit, but something makes me feel really special when I wear it!

Blue Sunglasses • $250  || Yellow Off The Shoulder Swim Suit • $58 
Yellow Earrings • $88  (Look for Less Earrings • $8 )


This weekend I was in Miami with ShopStyle so I brought one of the two off the shoulder suits I have with me! One night, I ran out of tops to wear so instead I wore my off the shoulder suit as a bodysuit. This wasn’t the first time I gave this trick a whirl, I did the same in Copenhagen when the airline lost of my checked bag and all I had was an off the shoulder swim suit and pink pants. It’s kind of fun to think of your swim suits as an extension of your wardrobe, and use it to extend your vacation closet when you need it!

FullSizeRender 2

Taken in Copenhagen, Wearing:
Rainbow Bag • $197.50  || Similar white sneakers • $139
Similar blue suit • $40  || Pink Pants • $45 


8 thoughts on “Off The Shoulder Swim

  1. Aryanna

    Obsessed with the way you styled these suits as bodysuits and swimsuits! So true that you need to find swimsuits that you feel comfortable in and are flattering and fun!

    I have struggled with this for awhile, but I’m finally figuring out what kind of swimsuits work well for my body. I love high waisted bottoms with a bandeau or off the shoulder top. One-pieces are tough for me because I have a long torso, but I’m not giving up.

    Thanks for the reminder, and the fabulous style inspo!


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