Snow Day Style Tricks!

28th January 2016

IMG_7606dIn Utah – everyday, is a snow day… yay!   IMG_7697IMG_7647 IMG_7664

I had such a blast in Utah, I literally rolled around in the snow like all day. because I’m from the west coat I turn into a seven year old whenever snow is involved – “OMG SNOW”!!


But your snow day fun can be cut real short if you’re freezing (trust me I know) – although jeans and suede boots might be crazy cute for a snow day, snow pants, over fleece lined leggings with snow boots and two pairs of socks was a little more conducive to chilin‘ in this environment!IMG_7639IMG_7621IMG_7674

I basically lived in these snow pants in Utah! Perfect for tubing or making snow angles, you know all of those normal adult activities! Like I mentioned, I stayed warm by layering fleece lined leggings under my snow pants – you can get them on amazon for like next to nothing and the literally save me from freezing to death during the winter! I also took lots of cashmere sweaters on my trip, along with snow boats, beanies and a coat or two (or three or four) to keep me warm and toastie throughout our winter activities!IMG_7629IMG_7737

Dotted Coat || Black Coat || Red Sweater || Pom Pom Beanie
Snow Pants || Fleece Lined Leggings (more here)|| Snow Boots similar here (more boots here)


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