Snow Dayze

30th January 2015

IMG_8958A little snow ain’t never hurt no body, especially when it is so dang pretty!IMG_8994IMG_8987So if you watch the news or live in NYC you know that this week New York was supposed to get hit with a lot of snow this week in what they were calling The Blizzard of 2015. In the end, the snow ended up being more “movie snow” quality and less bone chillingly cold but none the less, it was still pretty dang epic.IMG_8986IMG_8998Although I kind of love the snow, growing up in Arizona, I have never had much of it. So when the snow hits I still don’t really know how to react. While some opt for bean boots or puffer coats, I went with a midi skirt & fur … practical right?IMG_8952IMG_8990I am not the biggest fan of pants so when the temperature drops, I double up on tights so I can keep warm without turning to jeans. So if my legs resemble the size of sausages (mmm sausages) it’s not because I’ve been stuffing my face with donuts (yes it is) but because I’m only able to bare the burr with two pairs of tights – totally worth itIMG_8936Red Midi Skirt || Black Cropped Sweater || Fur Scarf
Leopard Clutch || Leopard Booties || Sunnies

What do you do to keep warm without compromising your style? I’m always looking for new tips and tricks!

25 thoughts on “Snow Dayze

  1. Shae

    I don’t know how you do it! I chose to live in warmer places because when it’s cold I just want to wrap up in a blanket and stay inside. But i must admit that snow always looks so pretty. Love your bright red skirt with the snow!

    S. Roderick

  2. Gabriella

    Gorgeous pics, girly! Love those leopard booties with the red.

    I tend to under layer- so I’ll bulk up as much underneath to not comprise my top layer! Sometimes it works… other times I can’t help it to whip out the parka!

    xx gabriella

  3. Maya Beth

    I am seriously in love with this look – the booties, the lips, the pom beanie…perfection!! Wishing I had some snow to play in. Gorgeous look girl!

    xox, Maya Beth

  4. kaley

    Courtney, I’m in LOVE with this skirt! I’m so bad at winter dressing – my go-to thing is to layer tights under leggings and put a tank top under every top I wear.. then I hope I don’t end up looking like the kid from a Christmas Story and call it a day 😉



    My Closet Life Blog

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