Spooky Stoops & Scary Stripes!

27th October 2015

So today we’re sharing Five ways to make an easy DIY costume out of a striped shirt& five super spooky stoops to go along with it!FullSizeRender

CAT BURGLARIMG_3396IMG_3429 IMG_3420  
First up, I’m a Cat Bulgar (Cat + Burglar = Cat burglar, get it??) If you follow me on instagram (@colormecourtney), you know I am ALL about those punny, funny jokes (guys, I’m HILARIOUS, JK … but really) so when it comes it costumes, I also like to add a little awkward humor because lets face it – it makes everything better! So obviously, I took Cat Burglar literally by dressing like a burglar with lots of leather, and keeping things cat-like with this little black beanie!IMG_3409IMG_3455IMG_3460

Incase you haven’t noticed, I kind of sort of have a thing for red doors!! I don’t plan on robbing anyone anytime soon, but if I did it would be this pretty red door brownstone, I mean because come on – GOALS. But guys, don’t steal okay? You’re too pretty for jail!IMG_3422

FIFTIESIMG_3636IMG_3624Oh can you hand jive, baby! Well I sure can! I’ve always been so obsessed with the fifties, so naturally I put my keds & midi skirt combo to good use to create this fifties-inspired costume! All you need is cat eye glasses (sunnies work too) saddle shoes or white sneakers and a midi skirt and BAM – instant time travel! I added a black & white pony scarf and letterman jacket for that extra pow, and walked around the west village doing the hand-jive #duhIMG_3608 IMG_1796  I found THE CUTEST Sparkly pumpkin stoop while wandering around the west village! It has everything, glitter, wicker, rope and a celebrity owner – but I can’t tell you who 😉 The best part? these pretty pumpkins LIGHT UP at night, it’s gorgeous!IMG_3656IMG_3630

Well the haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate hate so I’m just gonna shake it off and dress like T Switft!? Okay? Do I look anything like Taylor? no, not at all BUT that doesn’t stop me from basically sharing a wardrobe with her, so I thought WHY NOT make a costume out of it? I channeled Taylor circa 2012 – high waisted shorts, striped shirt & floppy fall hat! Don’t forget a red lip, and keds! Plus if you want add a punny twist you can cary a starbucks cup, you know for all those starbucks lovers! Other potential accessories include a hair brush or microphone (Paris won’t let me take a picture with mine — rude!), the number “13” written on your hand or a cat … or two! Waffles wouldn’t agree to dressing up as one, so maybe your french bulldog will be more agreeable!  IMG_3550IMG_3582IMG_3556IMG_3586

Okay how GOURD-geous is this stoop? I mean COME ON! Its happens to be one of the more simple ones of the few, but I still totally love it!IMG_3565


JAIL BIRD   IMG_3503 IMG_3495
And now for another punny costume reference, for all you jail birds out there!! For this look I drew inspiration from a twenties flapper/bootlegger who got caught smuggling in booze into a speakeasy during a sequin filled sting – and now she’s been sent to Cook County correctional facility with her new friend Roxy Hart in hopes of getting off Scott free. But of course, on her way, she had to stop and take cute stoop pics… because #obvi. Okay, so I may have a musical obsession, but I am also equally obsessed with this costume! I took a flapper costume, hand cuffs, striped shirt & booties to make a feather jail bird costume, sure to break the ice at any costume party!IMG_3532IMG_3493IMG_3527

Speaking of musicals, isn’t this Stoop Wicked Awesome? Out of all of these stoops, this one is by far my favorite! I mean, wicked meets halloween makes for pure magic and totally inspires me to defy gravity! I love that they decorated with brooms, witches and white pumpkins for a totally enchantedly spooky feel!IMG_3510

Oui Oui! I may be far from french, but halloween is for the great pretenders! SO if you love french bulldogs, red lipstick and black & white stripes (not to mention ALL THE CARBS) you could be a (stereotypical) frenchie too! Grab yourself a baguette, cute flats, and skinny jeans and pair them with a red lip and beret or french-like hat and you’ll be good to go! Extra points if you draw on a mustache, ride a bike or BYOB (wine … and cheese of course). I couldn’t grow one, don’t know how to ride one (#oops) and don’t drink so I just BYOB — brought my own bulldog, instead!IMG_3674IMG_3757IMG_3706

You don’t have to have a big stoop to make things SPOOKY! I love that this cute little west village home with the most darling blue door, went all out with the decor! Cobwebs, Tombstones, spiders and a skeleton all to make things go BUMP in the night!IMG_3676


Well thats a wrap!!! Hope you enjoyed this post, I totally loved making it for you! Almost everything is available with a two day shipping option (free with amazon prime) so you can get things in time for halloween, EEK! Okay, now, who’s going tricker treating?! Comeone, we’re not too old!!

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  1. Shannon

    I love the first two outfits. The feather skirt is so pretty!! It looks great with the striped top, but so does the leather skirt. You look so happy & cute!! Great Halloween post!


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