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22nd August 2017

IMG_3433       Summer is almost over and I haven’t been to a yankee’s game! Like what – what’s wrong with me. Actually since moving to NYC, I have yet to participate in this iconic franchise. No, I’m not a Yankee fan, truth be told I’m not even a baseball fan, but I kind of feel like its a nyc right of passage or something? Am I wrong?IMG_3476IMG_3455IMG_3468

Well since I have baseball on the brain I wanted to share some cute “sporty” looks that you could wear to your next big game & some of the sportier looks of mine in the past to get you inspired. Take a peek!Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 3.24.08 PM

I grew up in a football family, but we went to a lot of basketball games too. So I learned early on how to look cute & show your spirit! It can be hard to do, and truthfully they’re aren’t that many cute athletic brands for women. Most of them are tacky, gaudy or clearly designed by a man, gross. But Alyssa Milano’s line Touch available at Macy’s walks the line between cute & comfortable while letting you look the part of the sports fan! If you’re interested in seeing more of the line in person, Macy’s is hosting a fun event to celebrate 8/23 at 6pm at their flagship store! I’ll be there, and hope I see you there too!

IMG_3449I’m Wearing:IMG_3491

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