Spotted on the Boardwalk!

3rd August 2016

     IMG_0366  Pattern mixing is a favorite past time of mine, I’ve been doing it since I first started watching Gossip Girl … gosh, does that date me?IMG_0368

Anyways, print mixing and matching has transcended trend-dom and is now just another styling trick of mine, its as common to me as red lipstick or wearing jeans (okay, maybe not the last one, cause that’s actually a rarity in ColorMeLand but you get the point!).IMG_0365

I never met a mix I couldn’t match, but sometimes you don’t even have to get that creative, sometimes you can take the lazy way out (HAYO!!!!), which also happens to be the unexpected way (what? that never happens?!). SO HERE WE GO, the easiest way to mix prints, is to (drum roll please) not mix them at all … GASP!IMG_0345

Stripes on stripes? Yes. Floral on Floral? YESSSsss! Spots on Spots? OH HECK TO THE YAS! So what do you say? Here’s to mixing up your pattern play, and actually matching your mixies to get the most of your matches … LOL does any of that make sense? Hope so, because here goes nothing.IMG_0367

Oh and if all else fails, there’s always a Pretzel Purse! Now, on to Cliffnotes!IMG_0347


Obsessed with this tie top! I’m so sorrrry that it sold out, but Modcloth restocks a lot if the readers demand it! Until then, here’s something similar that you can tie to get my look!

These shorts are a serious fav of mine, maybe my top 10 things in my closet! I’m wearing a size small, they are high waisted fit like a dream! They come in black and navy, so I bought both, haaayyy!!!

White keds are my go to all summer long, but this is so not news to you!

When in doubt, pretzel bag! I linked to a look for less for you in the widget below so there is NO EXCUSE not to get your pretzel on. The real one sells out like hot cakes … (or hot pretzels) so RUN DONT WALK I promise it’s worth the splurge.


Patricia Chang Pretzel Cross Body Bag • $325
KEDS Back to the Basics Sneaker • Keds • $39.99
The Perfect Sleeveless Shirt – Polka Dots • Talbots • $32.49–74.99
Asmara International Limited Dapper on Deck Shorts in Navy Dots • $44.99
Betsey Johnson Handbags Baby Come Snack Bag • Betsey Johnson • $77.99
Short Brim Straw Boater • Sole Society • $17.47

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