Street Style Scrapbook!

18th February 2016

Untitled 6ddfIt’s no secret that my style isn’t really “street style” its more so, twirl worthy, with colors, polka dots and all of those girly things. I’ve never really been “cool” enough to be considered street style, but that doesn’t stop my from admiring it – and in this case learning from it!Untitled 6ddd

With fashion month in full swing, we’re swimming in street style photos – so much so it can be a little overwhelming! SO today’s post is a NYFW street stye scrapbook cataloging six things now on my Radar. Untitled 6dd
Who needs a blanket scarf, when you can wear a sweater? Fashionista’s were running around the frozen tundra that was NYC with chicly draped sweaters turned scarfs!
\\ Featured Scarf .. I mean Sweater \\

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.45.56 PM

I’m all about the Saddle bag right now, and so is everyone else! Even better if has a sporty racing stripe strap or comes in crazy colors.
// Featured Saddle Bag //
Untitled 6d
Denim days are here to stay, but I loved seeing denim worn in unconventional ways like a denim trench or unique chambray bags!
\\ Featured Denim Blazer \\
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.06.50 PM
I’ve been a big dan of the fashion backpack, but they just keep getting cooler and even creepier 😉 I’m really into ones with fur or the idea of attaching a pom pom key chain!
\\ Featured Monster Bag || Featured Pom Backpack //Untitled 6
Who needs a vacation? Lets get lost with itty bitty mini luggage bags – the boxier the better!
\\ Featured Boxy Bag || Photo via friend & fellow blogger, Chic Flavours //Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 7.28.54 PM     We’re doubling up on denim and pairing blue with even more blues! I love color on color and the statement it makes, especially in a sea of blue!
\\ Featured Sunnies || Featured Butterfly //
Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.02.38 PMP.S. everything in this blog post is from Neiman Marcus! Plus you can get 6% back when you shop it via the Shop At Home!