8th May 2015

IMG_7744Guys I have a problem….IMG_7770

Please don’t hate me for posting nothing but black and white stripes lately, I promise I wear other things (no I don’t) and I actually do own some color (okay, that one is totally true)…IMG_7851IMG_7798

Confession – I have an addictive personality. A few years ago (2006 to be exact) I stopped drinking soda, soon after I stated to loathe carbonation, anything with bubbles (champs included) was off the table for almost a decade. Then not too long ago (maybe six months ago?) I got a weird stomach bug, after it passed I was nauseous for a week straight (TMI? Yeah probably) anyways, I bonded with Ginger ale to help get me through and BAM now we’re besties. Everyday at work (true life – I have a desk job outside of CMC) sometime between 11 and 1:30 pm I down a ginger ale, it has to be in a can and it has to be through a straw. Anyways, there’s a point to this story aside from convincing you that I have poor eating habits … I have an addictive personality.IMG_7796IMG_7780

I’m not sure if an addictive personality is actually a real thing, but if it is I totally have it (wait – does that make me a hypochondriac too? “I have that”). Whatever, this AP situation is the reason I’m the biggest contribute to the vending machine on my floor at work, I’ve eaten chipotle everyday for up to 8 day in a row on multiple occasions (I’m totally not ashamed of that, I consider it an accomplishment!) and why I CAN’T STOP WEARING STRIPES…. Oh and I really, really don’t want to.

IMG_7754Sorry, that got realllly rambly, but stripes are an important part of my wardrobe and I kind of don’t want to apologize for wearing them on replay anymore (and hopefully I eared an little sympathy for my very dramatic ginger ale tale). They are my key pattern for all of my print mixing needs (especially with leopard) they are the perfect piece for work or weekend wear and can even be the star of their own show and really make an outfit the way they did today!IMG_7834

I’m not only all smiles in these photos because I’m wearing my favorite print, I’m also pretty pumped that summers almost here. And not for the usual reasons like serious sun and my diet consisting of mostly Mr Softee, but because two of my three best friends are moving to NYC for the summer so for the first time since 2009 all four members of my girl group will be living in the same place and I am so freaking excited!!!!!! Check out my mega babe of a Bestie whitney (and her killer bag that I’m so crazy jealous of) I honestly can’t wait for June!IMG_7864

A black & white stripe midi skirt can be a total game changer for your closet. Wear it with a black or patterned crop top, tuck in or tie a chambray shirt to pair with sandals for something casual chic or pair it with a cool graphic tee and converse for any weekend adventure. I paired mine with a basic black sweetheart crop top – It gives the illusion of a Midi Dress but gives you so much more versatility, plus it’s a crazy steal at under $20. I love that the sweetheart neck gives a nod to the off the shoulder top trend without sacrificing fit and it looks amazeeee with the contrasting full midi striped skirt! Honestly, you kind of can’t go wrong, whether you’re a fashion goddess or just trying to build your wardrobe you need this skirt it will change your life.IMG_7745

SKIRT: T&J Design Black & White Stripe Midi Skirt (only $88)
TOP: Black Sweetheart Off The Shoulder Crop Top (Only $11)
SHOESThe perfect black scrappy sandals (also love these)
SUNGLASSES: Folding Wayfarer 50mm Sunglasses
LIPSTICKLady Danger Matte Lipstick by Mac
CLUTCH: Clare V Leopard Haircalf Foldover Clutch (also here)

11 thoughts on “Stripes…

  1. Kara

    such a fun and super cute outfit!!! I love the pattern mixing with the stripes and the cheetah clutch. These types of outfits always look great on you
    x Kara

  2. Megan

    This is too funny! I have an addictive personality too so let’s flaunt it! If you love something, wear as much of it as you can (that’s my personal philosophy)…I loooove this skirt though!

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