Three Fun things to Try for Summer

25th June 2015

IMG_0776Oh hello Summer, nice to see you again – aren’t you looking maarrrrvelous.

So summer is kind of fun! Hot days, cool nights, ICE CREAM I mean what’s not to love! Shorts get shorter, tans get tanner and everyone is a whole lot happier! It’s kind of like some of your inhibitions are gone and it’s kind of awesome!!! SO your style can totally change too – in a good way. Summer is am awesome time to reinvent yourself and step outside of the box by trying these three fun summer trends.

Pom Pom Party!IMG_1335
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Would you normally rock a pile full of pom poms, come Fall or Winter? No probably not, but it’s summer so all bets are off! I’m all about the pom pom trim this season, Pom Pom shorts, crop tops dresses and more – so COLOR ME POM POM!

Crazy Cool Clutches

I think it’s safe to say I’m OBSESSED with the day clutch – an easy way to rock an it bit bag (my fav) and can totally take your look from cute to super crazy cool. The easiest way to edge up a look or add a little  something something to a summer look is to add a cool clutch for a downtown vibe or even a fun preppy one with a sundress – these clutches work for day, night, dressy or casual… it all works!

Overall DressesIMG_1202
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Hi I’m Courtney and I’m Twelve. Until last spring, the last time I rocked a pair of overalls I had a lolly pop in hand, pig tales in hair and was twinning with my brother – I promise we didn’t plan it but somewhere there’s a really cute picture of it somewhere of me smiling with crooked teeth and a little bit of food on my face (it’s a hard copy, not digital because it was that long ago, and mom you need to find it – get it together). ANYWAYS, that all changed last spring when Overalls became “cool” again for the first time since kindergarten – score. We ditched the jellies (although those are also on trend now too… weird) but kept this school-girl-chic look and made it downtown – so fun! Well although Overall Overalls are so last spring Overall Dresses are in for Summer – well according to me, and that’s all that really matters right? 😉 Try them over a swim suit, off the shoulder top, striped crop top or basically anything. You’ll feel like you’re headed to disneyland for the first time and look awesome.


What summer fun thing will you be rocking this season – tell me EVERYTHING!

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