Less is More

26th June 2015

IMG_5040Not sure what it is about a NYC summer, but it somehow becomes appropriate to wear not in much the clothing department?       IMG_5115

I get it, it’s hot! But Hey, I kind of like wearing clothes, and the less you have to work with, the harder it is to make an over the top outfit! But don’t fear – today I’m going to teach you how to make less a little moreIMG_5067

I mean how am I supposed to create something worth a double take with out crazy layering or pieces on pieces – its hard! But that doesn’t mean I want to be rocking a blazer or any more clothes in this weather. SO how do you make a look look “interesting” without layering and all those other “effortlessly-chic” tricks? Say it with me now – Pattern Play!IMG_5150

Oh hey, did you know I’m kind of sort of into print pairing? Of course you do – it’s all I wear! So are you surprised that I totally rely on pattern play to make my skin-showing and other wise less-than-impressive outfits look super interesting! A crop top and a high waisted skirt? bor-ring we’ve totally seen it before! But a striped bow crop top and a contrasting stripe skirt next to a super cute and colorful vespa? Okay, that I can get into!IMG_5286

So if you’re planning on stripping down this summer but still want to make a statement – just add a little pattern, and then add a little more.IMG_5116


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