Superbowl Chic

28th January 2015

Guess What? next week is the super bowl! I know, it totally snuck up on us this year… but don’t worry I have your own personal super bowl style guide so you can look crazy chic while you root root root for your home team (wait a second… was that a baseball reference? #oops).superbowl chic what to wear at the super bowl super bowl outfits super bowl patriots style patriots fashion patriots style patriots style patriots fashion seahawks fashion seahawks fashion seahawks styleI honestly only watch for the commercials and for the chance to gorge myself on all of the carbs, but I know some people take the this big bowl super seriously so I try and do my best to oblige. Unless a team I am connected to is playing, I usually just pick the team to root for based on colors and or mascots – sounds good, right? – and usually slap something festive together of the morning of the big game. But if you’re going to spend the day watching football and stuffing your face, you’ll want to do it in style so here are three spirited ways to steal the show come super bowl sunday.

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With mascot and color considerations (and the fact that my Boyfriend is the biggest 49ers fan and absoltluey despises the Seahawks, I think I’m going to have to go with the Patriots on this one… besides, Tom Brady isn’t too shabby to look at, I mean cheer for 😉 Who are you rooting for this year?

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