The Best Sports Bra … Like Ever

3rd May 2017

IMG_3837Sports Bras suck!LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-64LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-97

Seriously they’re no fun, they squish and pinch and push and hurt! 99% of sports bra’s give me an instant head ache minutes after putting them on (most head bands do this too), the few that don’t, don’t work. This is such a problem for me, I usually find myself wearing a light weight real bra with a tight/spandex tank to the gym – I know, crazy right? LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-156LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-88

It’s safe to say I’ve never been happy with my sports bra situation … until now!LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-81LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-94

Enter the Lululemon Enlite bra! A revolutionary new bra that doesn’t squish, pinch, pull, push or hurt … yay! The Enlite bra encapsulates your girls instead of squishing them down, but also keeps you totally comfortable and in control throughout your work out!LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-62LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-80LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-34

The Luluemon experts spent years (over 2 of them) developing this unique and necessary bra that totally changes the work out game. It comes in real bra sizes to find you a perfect fit and also unhooks in the back – this is great because after a sweaty work out you don’t have to pull it over your face and head, which for me is always the worst part – yuck! LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-61LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-18

Last week I put the bra to the test with Luluemon at a fun cardio dance class at their Hub location.LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-54

The Hub at the flatiron store is a cool basement space that almost gives you like a gym meets dance club feel. It has exposed brick, tons of space and a really cool light up dance floor to take your work out to the next level!LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-113LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-107These photos are from that night and the first time I rocked that bra at a movement based work out, instead of just a little treadmill or weight lighting action. The Enlite didn’t disappoint! I actually didn’t think about my girls once,  which I think is the best sign because I felt comfortable, confident and in control enough to break it down on the dance floor … there adjectives that I don’t think I could also apply to the way I looked on the dance floor lol. LuluLemonJayGunningEnlite-64

You can find your perfect fit online or in stores at & put your own new bra BFF to the work out test!

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