The Great Pumpkin

26th October 2015


OKAY, not really — but I did find myself SURROUNDED by all of the gourde-geous orange pumpkins a girl could ask for this weekend while venturing out of my habitat.IMG_4938IMG_4930

All it takes is one look at the green grass, blue sky and TREES (gasp) to realize, we’re not in NYC anymore, Waffles! Although we love New York City, we wandered outside city lines to breathe some fresh air and view some sky-line-free views — and I was totally smitten!IMG_5044IMG_5095

Although you can find yourself an over-priced pumpkin on the mean streets of new york, we decided to go for a more authentic fall experience, and treck little Waffie out of the city to teach him all about nature and stuff…. he obviously had the time of his life, eating all the grass and rolling around like a little piggy #goalsIMG_4966IMG_5110

When I saw this window pain flannel, I thought It was cute, but nothing super special sure it could be a fun twist on the white button up to layer under sweaters or vests but I didn’t think it was anything ground breaking! Anyways, I added it to cart thinking I probably wouldn’t check out with it and kept shopping. BUT THEN, I found the matching scarf and thought INSTANT OUTFIT. Sometimes it takes the perfect accessory to make something ordinary, look extraordinary! And for me, it would the double trouble of this scarf & shirt combo!IMG_4963

Boyfriend Shirt || Scarf || Jeans || Booties (so comfy) || Bag || Hat


22 thoughts on “The Great Pumpkin

  1. Shannon

    Usually I’d find it so strange that a could desire a pumpkin so much but after seeing your photos, I can totally understand why! We’re not really big on Halloween here (but it seems to be catching on) so I’ve never really thought about shopping for pumpkin decorations but these ones are so beautiful! What a weird way to describe a pumpkin haha I love your photos. Your outfit goes well with location & season. It makes me want to take photos in a bunch of pumpkins now!


  2. Kathleen

    Where did you go to find this beautiful pumpkin patch? I live in NYC too and I don’t know where a nearby pumpkin farm is. These photos are beautiful btw, I love your top and matching scarf!

  3. Ellie

    Love this outfit! That scarf is so cute! The Bordeaux-coloured bag is a great pop of colour against the black & white! We never had pumpkin patches in The UK but it looks so much fun!

    Ellie xox

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