The Inbetween

18th April 2014

Last weekend was a big fat tease! It was 75 and sunny in the city, so I twirled my way through Soho in shorts, did some serious shopping and double dipped on brunch with some equally serious babes… And then came the cold. It snowed, yes snowed on tuesday night. New York, why must you be so fickle?! And what’s a girl to do wear this weirdo weather? My spring instincts say skirts but the forecast says Buurrr! I’m forever stuck in the winter/spring limbo, I’m living in-between!

Pants: Old Navy Black White Side Stripe Tuxedo Pants – only $18 !!
Coat: Zara, but no coat shopping allowed, Spring is coming!
Handbag: Green Vintage Clutch
My cure for the Inbetween? Patterns & a Pop of color. Wearing black can be boring so I pumped it up with a little pattern play. I am loving these tuxedo pants –  they feel like leggings! so they are super easy to wear but off set the stripey top! I added not one, but two color pops by pairing my go-to zara pumps with a little Kelly, I mean Courtney green. It’s also kind of Ironic that I was gabbing on and on about Spring finally being here in Monday’s post, where I am wearing B&W stripes and the same Zara pumps in a very spring way, ha! Let’s hope this cold front passes so we can finally say hello to Spring!
If you don’t know the story of Courtney Green you should, It’s a goodie! Kelly Green is my favorite color and since I am positive that no Kelly loves Green as much as I do, I decided to rename it (Can I do that? – Not sure, but I did!). Our love affair started six years ago! I remember my boyfriend telling me it was a phase and it wouldn’t last… eat those words Paris! :]

24 thoughts on “The Inbetween

  1. UBO

    I do love that coat, although I’m not allowed to purchase it! Too funny! You remind me that I need to check out ON more often.

  2. chloe m

    Hello!! Just found your blog and I have to say, I’m enthralled by it. Love the lipstick by the way. :) Hope you could check out my blog and drop by the comments section to leave feedback

    p.s. I followed you on bloglovin, hope you could follow back? :)

    1. Courtney

      Hi Chloe! Thanks for following along, glad we found each other!!! I returned the favor, please don’t be a stranger XO

    1. Courtney

      Hello Sunshine! Thanks for the sweet comment. So glad we share an affinity for color, and so glad we found each other! I’m now following you, don’t be a stranger :]


    1. Courtney

      Oh yes, Aussie opposite land!! I went on exchange to Australia in our summer/your summer so I remember that well! XO

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