Dec 31 2015

The Little Sequin Dress, Remixed

aaa-2174Let’s teach an old dress, new tricks!aaa-2154

Happy almost NYE! If you’re a girl, chances are you have a glittery, sequin dress in your closet from New Years Eve last year, or the year before! And if you don’t, you definitely have a sister or a friend who does! Well with NYE right around the corner, and the demand for glittery dresses at an all time high, I thought it might be fun to share a really easy way to teach an old dress some new tricks!aaa-2180

Here I’m wearing a sparkly dress – full disclosure, its new but I have an identical one in my back up closet in Arizona in navy and one in black from a few years before as well. But I was able to breathe new life into it in a current way with a few easy adjustments!aaa-2182

1 – Change the shape! Adding a little black blazer or tuxedo vest adds dimension to a shift dress by creating a new shape up top and making a more flattering
2 – Alter the hemline! I paired this LSD (little sequin dress) with over the knee boots instead of black tights and stilettos like I have before. Not only does it bring a different shoe, but also it tricks the eye into thinking its a different length all together!aaa-2178
3 – Add something unexpected! Ironically my “unexpected” element has become pretty expected for me lol but you get the point! I added a red lip and a leopard clutch to mix things up and add a new touch to this LSD!aaa-2183

SO if you’re stressing about what to wear tomorrow night, or dreading spending money on something new and sparkly – DON’T. Just remix what’s in your closet and work with what you got!aaa-2177

If you’re still wanting something new, these sequin pretties have free one day shipping with Amazon Prime!


I’m Wearing: Dress || Boots || Vest || Clutch || Lips 



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