tomato, tomahto

2nd June 2013

 i’m not too fond of tomatoes to snack on but have no problem looking to this vibrate veggie (it’s technically a fruit, but i can’t quite commit to calling it one) for outfit inspiration!

tomato red is a bold color choice, but pairing it with a contrasting color opposite of red on the color-wheel can give it an extra pop! and finishing with black & white takes the look to another level.

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this summer, skip the shorts and try a full skirt instead! it will keep you cool, but add an element of sophistication to your summer style! if you don’t happen to have one, try converting a skirt!

top: zara basic // dress: kate spade (worn as a skirt) try this one! // handbag: kate spade (similar) // necklaces: vintage // jcrew /// sunnies: karen walker // shoes: kate spade (similar) //  ring: kate spade // arm party: j.crew // kate spade // wire wrap // vintage

 photo Untitled137_zpsff8c8db1.png

9 thoughts on “tomato, tomahto

  1. Chloe Elizabeth Ewer

    This is adorable! That is the Carolyn dress used as a skirt, right? I never would have guessed otherwise! You truly transformed the top of that dress and made it look lovely as a skirt. Love the outfit!

    1. Courtney

      yeah its the carolyn! i was playing around with my dresses when i realized the conversion would work and it’s changed everything! give it a try! <3

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