29th April 2014

Today I’m seeing Red… and wearing red, and standing in front of red, basically there’s just a whole lot of redness going on in this very bright post! Plus I’m sharing some amazing iPhone app action, so don’t toss tomatoes at me just yet :] … 

Skort: Zara Skort (love this one)
Top: Red Francesca’s Blouse (Similar)
Shoes: Converse (love this pair!)
Jacket: Nordies Leather Jacket (old)
Necklace: Zara Pearl Choker (similar here)
Ring: Vintage Lipstick Ring
 I fell in love the last years Zara skort, so when I saw this year’s new version I had to pick it up in not one but two colors, including this tomato red! And when I searched my closet for something to pair with it, I found this Francesca’s blouse… A perfect mash, they must separated at birth!

Where was I going in this red on red ensemble you may ask? Sunday brunch at Macando with The Claire Eliza and some of her perfect Parisian friends. Speaking of Claire, I feel like you guys basically know my talented friend and photo queen Claire Eliza because I brag about her so much! She takes a lot of my blog photos and travels the world photographing fabulous french weddings & fashion shows. If that wasn’t enough she also created the most amazing iPhone app, LandCam. The proof is in the pictures, all these photos were taken by Claire via iPhone 5 using LandCam!
The last one is just for fun, Claire edited it using an awesome Japanese App to create Courtney, the tomato-technicolor goldfish!
Photos by Claire Eliza via Landcam
 photo Untitled3d_zps3cf1c479.png

7 thoughts on “Tomato

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  2. Ana

    wooooow….. that previous comment was intense ….
    All i wanted to say is that I love how daring that all red look is, especially with the red lip. Great stuff.
    Can’t believe the pictures were taken on your phone. They are awesome!

    Ana x


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