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24th December 2015

20151220-IMG_3749There’s nothing quite like going home from the holidays!20151220-IMG_3751

Backpack || Laptop Case || Suitcase || Pom || Boots || Coat || Dress20151220-IMG_3755

Today’s post is all about holiday travel style – because airport style is super important, am I right? For me traveling is all about being conformable first, practical second and cute third. I look at those airport pics that bloggers post sometimes and think – they HAVE to be checking a bag because no one can run through the airport in sneaker wedges or a midi skirt – I don’t care how early you show up!     20151220-IMG_3766

Looking Airport-Chic is totally fine and dandy if you have serious room in your suitcase –  but I have to share a secret with you, I’m TERRIFIED of checking a bag, so I never, ever do it! I just know ALL my stuff will get lost and that’s not worth it. So I pack crazy smart, and small and never, EVER check a bag! SO that means I have to wear my biggest pieces – I.E. my coat and OTK boots.20151220-IMG_3769

When I’m traveling to somewhere warmer (like Arizona which is home for me) I wear something like this – a sweater dress and Over The Knee boots. Since I land mid day AZ time I’ll be going straight from the airport to exploring my home state, so I want to be able to shed my jacket and fit right in! This sweater dress is comfortable enough to fly in and cute enough to wear all day.20151220-IMG_3761

To keep things “me” I brought my bright suitcase that I accessorized with double poms! I choose red for my suit case color because 90% of the time I’m wearing a red lip, so it never really clashes! I travel with my a little backpack and my laptop (which is technically three items not two) but I always walk on the plane with my laptop and magazines in my hand and they never give me any issues.20151220-IMG_3771

I hope you’re going somewhere fun this season but honestly, over the years I’ve learned that home is really where the heart is – when my family comes to New York for Christmas as they have the past few years we may stay in a hotel (my apartment can’t handle all that family) but we have a seriously fun time – it really doesn’t matter where we are as long as we’re together.20151220-IMG_3798

Backpack || Laptop Case || Suitcase || Pom || Boots || Coat || Dress


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