twinning with taylor

18th January 2013

today i’m twinning with the lovely miss taylor swift as we both strut our stuff in not one, but two kate spade carolyn dresses!

. . .

first up, we step out in the black and white carolyn! it’s a classic with a twist!
// one // two //
so taylor kept her look classic and simple, while i piled on the pearls and made it very courtney! take another peek as we compare the two…
black and white is nice but color is better! so next up we shake up this classic shape by adding some color!

// taylor swift in kate spade //
// details //
for this look i was actually channeling zooey deschanel! see the full post here
feel free to weigh in on which looks were you favorites and what color dress you prefer! (i promise i won’t be offended if you pick taylor!) and tune in for another twinning with taylor post coming soon, because we share lots of fun wardrobe pieces! until next time, stay fabulous!Photobucket

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