Valentines Day Gift Guide

3rd February 2015

blog_compliment_you-ruleYou gotta love February – Valentines Day, Fashion Week and NBA All Star Weekend all rolled into one.6bf9dc2c875d03cda17da2c065c08ccbOkay, maybe that last one (NBA All Star Weekend) is a bit of a stretch, but when you have a sports-obsessed boyfriend and family, your valentines day plans usually coincide with a weekend full of basketball (P.S. I bet you didn’t know I used to work for the Phoenix Suns before moving to NYC, true story)! But I don’t mind, I actually love going to NBA All Star Weekend, a girl can do some serious celeb sighting all while enjoying an over-priced hot dog, I mean what’s not to love! So if you guy is a a straight ballllaa like mine (okay sorry, that was kind of awful) or not-so-much here are some great goodies to get him this V-Day!Untitled 2dddd

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Boyfriends are great and all, but I always like to give a gift or two to my besties! Some of my friends are in relationships and some aren’t but my girl group is basically my family, so whenever there is an excuse to tell them how freaking awesome they are, I do and usually with a big giant bow and glitter wrapping paper, just because! Anyways, here are a few amazing bestie gifts to put that lousy friendship bracelet to shame (just kidding those are awesome! Whit, Ree, Roa if you’re reading this make me one pleaassseee?) and pick up for your BFFFFL – friendship so real it needs a whole lot of F’s.Untitled 2

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Besties check, boyfriend check, okay – now it’s Courtney time! My guy can pick out an amazing gift, but I’m sure I can pick out a better one 😉 So scan these pretties, and send this blog link to your guy with the subject line “hint hint, wink wink” If he catches your drift, he’s totally a keeper! :) Or if you’re flying solo this year, why not treat your self to something sweet like a new pastel pink crossbody bag, oh and don’t forget the macarons… seriously, don’t, I’ll never forgive you <3
Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 10.03.23 PM

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IMG_0172And since I am in the giving mood, I just wanted to offer the chance to win a pair of Herkimer Diamond Earrings courtesy of Made in Earth! To enter, just like made in earth and Color Me Courtney on facebook and leave a comment below stating you have entered! Good luck! IMG_5722
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Original sets created via Polyvore, all other images via pinterest & shop bando

35 thoughts on “Valentines Day Gift Guide

  1. Gabriella

    The Treat Yourself round up is spot on! Love love it all! I haven’t decided what my treat will be yet…something pink I’m sure.

    xx Gabriella

  2. Angie

    Great post as usual! My boyfriend would love those home state wine glasses. I also entered to win those gorgeous earrings. Fingers crossed!

  3. Kathleen

    I follow you on Instagram and I absolutely adore your blog! Just started following on Bloglovin as well. I’d love a follow back if you have the chance :)

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