Valentines Day – Gifts for my Guy

10th February 2016

 What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man!

Hello ladies ! With Valentines day right around the corner it’s time for us to open our hearts (and our wallets) to all of the men in your life – well at least that special someone! If you’re like me, you get all caught up in sending gifts for Galentines day or cards for friends across the country that you actually forget about your guy until the last min (crap!) – well if you’re finding yourself in this same predicament don’t fret! I have a few quality gifts for your guy that I’m sharing today from this new must try brand – Anson Calder!

Anson Calder was born when minimalist Curt, son of an engineer and fashion merchandiser found himself craving their perfect wallet – something that marries sleek and modern aesthetics with old world quality all while living up to his functionality expectations… As a result, Anson Calder was born (more here).

Now, I don’t personally know Curt – but his style sounds a lot like someone I do know – Paris, my boyfriend, best friend and blog partner, and the guy I like to spoil on Valentines Day! He’s a classic man and a snappy dresser, he has impeccable style and is very hard to please in the present department. Trying to find him something perfect is not a small task, don’t get me wrong he’ll smile and enjoy anything I get him but after ten years of gift giving I’ve run out of ideas but still want to really WOW him!

Enter Anson Calder … To be honest, buying wallets for a guy is always scary – I mean, if Paris tried to get me a purse I would probably hate it. Not because he has bad taste, but because it’s a really personal thing. When I used to work retail for a hand bag store I thought it was CRAZY when guys would come in trying to buy a bag for the women in their life, I would ask “what kind of bag does she like”, “what size does she wear” and they wouldn’t have a clue. Buying a bag or wallet is a very personal thing – people are picky about it so I always stayed away from purchasing for Paris, well until now.

After learning about the history, craftsmanship and functionality that’s associated with the Anson Calder pieces, and seeing for myself that their style is aligned with his – I thought Anson Calder would be their perfect one stop shop for my guy, and maybe yours too!!

I decided on the leather calf skin wallet and catch all! I obviously had to gift him his goodies ahead of valentines day to be able to share this story with you (worth it) and he totally flipped for the combo so it’s safe to assume your guy will too!

Ready for the best part? Excited to offer you 15% off these leather goodies and free shipping (NYC – guaranteed before V-day if order placed by Saturday for NYC delivery; USA – guaranteed before V-day if order placed by 6pm est Thursday for USA delivery)
Use this code – Courtney15

Shop the wallet here || Catch all here || Read more about the brand here!
Happy Shopping X

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