Vogue Made Me Do It

30th June 2014

Today’s post will be short and sweet, like my little chub of a french bulldog, Waffles who was too busy spazzing out to be captured in this photo (I blame his Mother, who had the genius idea of taking these pre-dog park).

Lately I’ve been obsessed with graphic tee’s, and who can say no to a vogue inspired fashion one? Not this girl, that’s who!

 Ever since I fell in love with this T boutique Vogue Made Me Do It tee I have been wearing it non-stop – around the house with sweats, paired with a mini and heels, with boyfriend jeans while walking Waffles or tucked into a midi skirt with pumps at the office. My favorite way to wear it plays on the current sporty trend by pairing this must-have tee with a 80’s-inspired side pony and nike’s. 

I’ve been wearing sporty styles on repeat (here, here and here) and even wrote a little article for Jet Magazine about them. They are just so practical for NYC wanderings, that it’s no wonder (and about time) stylish sneakers came into style.

To tackle this trend I actually just knotted my tee over this dress to transform this pretty pink number into a skirt (one of my favorite tricks). Adding my Zara chockerpolka dotted hair tie and nike’s helped round out this sporty style – perfect for a post-work trip to the dog park with Waffles.
I’ve talked about our walks before and how this pamper pooch always ends up getting carried which is basically my weight lifting work out for the week…. Okay, month. He is 25 pounds of pure muscle and stubborn as a mule. I love him to pieces but when he decides to suddenly quit walking when we are still 3 avenues away from my apt, I have to pick up the royal heinous and double as his Taxi ride home – rough life Waffles, rough life.
Don’t worry, Paris captured the moment via instagram, for your enjoyment
Tee Boutique Vogue Made Me Do It Tee c/o || Zara Pink Tulip Dress (old)

22 thoughts on “Vogue Made Me Do It

  1. Tiffany

    your style is so fun! makes me happy to read your blog.

    i dog sat a frenchie for a summer and it was so hilarious, taking him on walks and he’d just plop himself down right in the middle of it!

    Tiffany / tiffanyeatworld

  2. missthing

    This is such a cute shirt. It seems like something you could DIY. Your dog is so cute! I know that struggle though of your dog not wanting to work with you…


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