wednesday trends-day: spot on

29th August 2012

so yes, i believe in trends, but i also believe in personal style. so when one of my favorite patterns (no matter what’s trending) becomes suddenly stylish, i have to celebrate with a wednesday trends-day post!
polka dots have been spotted all over the fall collections, but two collections were simply spot on && have to be celebrated: the yayoi kusama inspired louis vuitton collection.

i’m simply dying for those bangles, I might just have to splurge on one… or two. another splurge worthy collection is the slightly more affordable kate spade fall collection that features classic spots && dots to die for.
if you heart is yearning for these perfect polka dots but you budget isn’t quite on board, (I feel your pain. I am planning on moving to new york in 2013 so I am in full on save mode, boo) check out these spotted steals for under $100!

get these steals.

stylish spots && polka dots are no strangers to color me courtney, here’s how I step out in spots… hopefully these looks might inspire you to do so as well!

one // two // three // four // five // six

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