West Village Wonderland

25th January 2016

IMG_7821Something Magical happened this weekend in New York City, we had a super special visitor named Jonas!IMG_7945IMG_7894

As you probably know, this weekend half of the country was hit with inches and inches of fresh powder! It snowed all day Saturday, and was the biggest blizzard I have ever seen. Some records indicate we got around 28 inches of snow! All I know is that when I went outside the next day, the fire hydrant by my apartment was covered in snow!IMG_7812IMG_7879IMG_7916

Being from Arizona, and not used to snow, Paris and I couldn’t resist stepping out into the storm to play a little and snap some pics on Saturday… not once but twice! The best part? It actually wasn’t that cold, just wet and blizzard-y! Either way, we had a blast!IMG_7823IMG_7882IMG_7846

The Red Coat I wore was particular warm, I literally only wore a long sleeve shirt (not even a sweater) underneath and I was totally fine! I did double up on socks though to keep me warm inside my rain boots, that I subbed for snow boots!IMG_7804IMG_7938

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8 thoughts on “West Village Wonderland

  1. stylehue

    You look adorable as usual :) Red and yellow seem to be your favorite colors, and they look great together.
    That’s a lot of snow !! I grew up with snow, so I miss it!
    I wish it was snow here so I could go out and play.
    I love being really cold and coming back inside for hot chocolate <3


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