What’s In My Bag – Travel Edition

4th June 2016

All Aboard! As you know, I’ve set sail with Princess Cruises to explore Europe. Although traveling via boat (aka a floating hotel) has been a breeze, packing for such an adventure isn’t always so easy.IMG_4185

Today I’m breaking down some of the travel essentials I had to have with me on this trip, and what I like to keep in my carry on for easy access.I don’t really check bags, because I’m totally terrified that they’ll loose my luggage! But for 10 days in Europe and about 25 outfits on deck (hehe get it) including formal wear, swimsuits, day looks, dressy dinner outfits and more I had to make an exception and check. As a result, I carried on a duffle and a backpack and sent the rest as a check!

So me, being terrified about loosing this bag, stocked my duffle full of a few essentials including all of my beauty must haves to travel with. 

The Essentials:

Quip Brushes – A good travel tooth brush can be hard to find, if you’re used to a high powered mechanical one at home, you can’t quite go back to manual brushes – but at the same time, you don’t wan’t to treck a big brush system around either. I’ve switched to Quip for both my travel & home use, travel because of the power and portability combo, and at home because of my teenie tiny NYC bathroom and the cool sleek design. Overall, their brush sets start at $25, and three month refills start at $5 – so it’s an extremely affordable (and chic) way to keep clean at home and on the go, and I love that I never have to think about getting a new brush or paste, someone else is always doing that for me!

Use Code colormecourtney for a discount at Quip

Face Brush- I’m forever freaking out about my skin. I’ve been breaking out a lot this year because of my constant travel and time spent on flights. I had a clarisonic forever ago, but wanted something new to try and take with me. After stopping by the Birch Box store to pick their brains – an associate recommend this one as the perfect fit! I love the sleek design, bold colors and that it times you! Plus I feel like I can keep the brush cleaner thanks to silicone bristles (compared to other facial brushes with traditional bristles). 

Night Cream – I always need a good night cream with me, especially when I’m traveling! I like something with an intense amount of moisturizer to really help hydrate my skin – I’m sure you know that flying dries your skin out like crazy, so if you’re spending any time on a plane I highly suggest moisturizing before, after or even during (like I do) to keep things extra hydrated. Recently I bought this one from Bobbi Brown – I have only been using it for a month so I haven’t seen drastic changes to my skin but I am really loving the richness of the product. The only con I’ll say is that although a little goes a long way, I really like to slather this on my face, so I’ve been using it quite vigorously and am blowing through the jar rather quickly.

Shop the look! You kind of sort of need these…

All of the Details:
Quip Electronic Brushes and Sets • Quip • Starting at $25
Anya Hindmarch ‘Eyes’ make-up bag • Anya Hindmarch • $290.10
Foreo LunaTM Mini – Magenta • Foreo • $99
Bobbi Brown Women’s Hydrating Intense Night Cream-Colorless • Bobbi Brown • $64
Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, 1 oz • Mario Badescu • $17
Benefit Cosmetics the POREfessional face primer • Benefit • $31
Clinique ‘Dramatically Different’ Moisturizing Lotion+, 4.2 oz • Clinique • $26
Foreo Luna Sonic Cleaning Device For Sensitive To Normal Skin • Foreo • $169
Le Couvent des Minimes Loving Care Balm Body Cream Very Dry Skin 7 oz (207 ml) • Le Couvent des Minimes • $32
Kiehl’s Since 1851 Intensive Treatment & Moisturizer for Dry or Callused Areas, 8 oz Jar • Kiehl’s • $48

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